Okinawa Tourism Information:TheItalianPizza,AlmostaMasterpieceofanArt

The Italian Pizza , Almost a Masterpiece of an Art

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The Pizza taken out of the oven is immediately served
by a waiter who stands by the oven and hurries to the table.

This is only for the customers to enjoy the hottest and delicious Pizza.

The Pizza dough has a nice and firm texture and a nice flavor of charcoal.
The Pizza is dressed with a lot of Olive Oil,,and the Fresh Tomato Sauce is so delicious.

There are a variety of menu for hors d'oeuvre and drinks,
and the Pizza are not too heavy in your stomach so that you can also enjoy other menu.
The locally made smoked hams are salted just enough and encourage your appetite.  

The Menu of Pizza are very simple with 2 kinds, Margherita and Marinara.

This is because that the simple recipe and  process enable for customers to enjoy
the best condition of each ingredients.
The changing temperature and humidity are taken into consideration 
by the owner and the leaven and baking time are also carefully watched and adjusted.

「We do not pursue to make each the same,
the Pizza does not have to be round shape, also in taste,
one Pizza can have soft texture part and crispy texture part,
sour taste of tomatoes and mild taste of cheese, salty part, etc,
one Pizza can offer various taste depending of where to bite.
We just hope the customers can enjoy such a contrast of the taste in a hand made Pizza」.

The Owner of BACAR Mr. Nakamura stayed in Italy for 3 months when
he was 25 years old, and this is the time he was interested in Pizza.
After that, he has found  an ideal Pizza in a famous restaurant in Nakameguro,
Tokyo and worked there for 5 years.

As you enter his restaurant, you will see a big oven specially ordered
to each specialist of Metals and Ovens. Right next to the oven,
you can see how the Pizza is prepared.

Mr. Nakamura rhythmically stretches the Pizza dough
and put topping onto the Pizza and put it into the oven.
This whole action seems very sophisticated and just beautiful, just like a scene of a movie. 

(Art is long,Life is short)

When Mr. Nakamura left the restaurant in Nakameguro in order to go
 back to Okinawa, he wrote a letter to his master and he closed his letter with above clause.

He named his company with the quotation, the clause means in Latin that Human 
being can not exist forever, however, Human being can create cultures by taking
over or developing the Art and Technique.

When you look around the restaurant, you can find the Art of Mr. Nakamura's drawing
and you will understand his sense of beauty everywhere in the restaurant including
the way he dresses himself.

He seems to be an artist and his Pizza seems to be a Masterpiece
of an Art created by his high sense to the beauty.

The Art and Technique that He has taken over in Tokyo have been developed in Okinawa
and the taste of his Pizza has become the only one and so special you can never tastes anywhere else.

Address/3-16-15 Kumoji, Naha city
OPEN/Tuesday to Sunday 18:00~23:00(L.O.22:30)
Close/Monday  (※Open on public holiday and close on Tuesday)

Okinawa CLIP Photo writer by Sandy