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Masayuki Sesoko / Chief editor

post : 2012.11.01 12:00

Masayuki Sesoko

I am a planner, editor and writer.

I became independent and moved to Okinawa in 2012 after working in the editorial departments of the magazines “Camera Biyori” and “Jikyujisoku”, doing editing for Tegamisha and being involved in the management of events such as Momiji City or Tokyo Flea Market. I am now trying my best to send Okinawa’s true beauty through my own perspective by writing coverage reports and organizing events.

I am the director of the “19th Mensore Okinawa Fair” (Isetan Shinjuku Store). My main editing works are “Cute Print” and “BOX & YOU”, among others. I also wrote a book titled “New Travel in Okinawa” (WAVE publishing). While enjoying new encounters, I would love to provide information that could let others know about the warmth of Okinawa.

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