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Reina Chinen / Photowriter

post : 2012.11.01 10:00

Masayuki Sesoko

Okinawa-born photographer. Outside of taking photographs for web and print, she also works on a wide variety of things such as planning, design, writing and artist photography.

She likes photos and designs where "the natural form is the most beautiful."Through her photographs and writing, in a nonchalant manner to give color to everyday life, with the feeling of a smile or thank you and the thought that you can always be excited, while thinking of these things she snaps the shutter and writes.

To OkinawaCLIP, she wants to show things like the vivid contrast of Okinawan scenery, the ocean she loves, and the good old customs and culture of Okinawa to a lot of people. Anyway, she loves Okinawa.

Please enjoy viewing the color shown and color of the heart of the Okinawa I photograph and write about.

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