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Okinawa Noodle Noodle Shop MAEHARA

post : 2015.01.23 22:00

There are very recommendable Noodle shops in Uruma shi where we live.

There are 2 nice Noodle shops on the same street and some people call it「Noodle Street」.

Which shop would you feel like going today?  It is an usual our family talk.

We will introduce one of them 「Noodle Shop MAEHARA」in this edition.
There is a smiling Seasor shaped signboard in the parking to welcome you.

「I wish customers to enjoy taking a memorable picture
with our Seasors when they come to have an Okinawa Noodle all the way. 」
said the owner Mr. Maehara who seemed to be a little shy.

There is also a lovely hand made Seasor sitting in front of the entrance which is made of buoy.

You can see many of nice hand written menu on the wall in the shop.
Each menu is attached on the Bingata (typical Okinawa pattern on textile)
textile on the wall and you can feel the atmosphere of Okinawa here and there in the shop.

The signatures of some popular artists from Uruma city are also displayed on the wall.
The most recommendable menu is a dynamic 「 Noodle with 4 toppings」.

4 toppings means Tebichi (Pig's trotters), Hard bone spareribs,
Soft bone spareribs and normal rib meat on the Noodle.
You must be surprised when you see the volume.
It is also reasonably prised at 650yen with these toppings.

When the freshly made Noodle is served, you will be surprised because
the volume is surely beyond the imagination!
The Pig's trotters are juicy and stewed soft bone spareribs are tender
and hard bone spareribs are meaty  and standard ribs are also delicious.

Even if you are greedy, you will surely be satisfied with the volume.

The Noodle is half thick in size which the owner was finally convinced
as the best for his shop when he had looked around a various types of Nood
les all around in Okinawa. 
Although the toppings are kingly, the soup is not too thick
and goes very well with the Noodle.

It looks a little heavy, however each part of meat is stewed separately
and tender and the taste of salt is just enough
and female customers can enjoy the whole bowl.

Would you like to drop in on your driving way?
This menu is very recommendable if you feel
like trying for various tastes in one bowl of Noodle.

Recently, more and more tourists drop in this shop
and the owner sometimes plays Sanshin (three stringed Okinawa instrument)
 for tourists by their requests.

After our meal, the sound of the owner's Sanshin music flowed in the shop
and although we live in Okinawa, we really had  a good time
and enjoyed a nice feeling of Okinawa culture.  

We are moved by the word of the song called「Warabi Gami」
that the owner played, and left the shop waving to the owner
and said that we would come back soon.

Noodle Shop MAEHARA
Address/ Aza Taba 1061, Uruma city

lose/1st and 3rd Wednesday

Okinawa CLIP Photo writers  monobox(Mr. and Mrs. Kono)