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Lots of new wonders: Select Shop

post : 2013.10.28 16:00

Near Minatogawa in Uraose City is the ‘PORTRIVER MARKET’.
Standing in front of a cute house for foreigners, once you open the blue door, there is a vast variety of Okinawan sundry goods, selected by the well-tasted owner Mr. Tetsuya Mugishima (who once worked at BEAMS) and his wife Miki.

Not only just popular products are available such as Yachimun (pottery), but products such as solid perfume ‘NOTE’, made from natural ingredients in a outer island called Kitadaitojima.

Cute packaged sweets such as ‘Yukuima-mi’, ‘nantiti’, ‘Zawawa’ are available only in Okinawa. Fonts written on the packages are also quoted from words of painter Mr. Kiichi Shinjo, and photos extracted from the work piece “Koza/ 1977” shot by photographer Mr. Shomei Tomatsu. Its very nice to have such details for a gift from Okinawa.

You can not only take a look at products from Okinawa, but also goods which are not seen everyday from outside of Okinawa; such as a chopstick placer in the shape of a moustache, made by ceramist Mr. Gentarou Yokoyama, and porcelain maker from Los Angeles BAUER POTTERY.

Also the store sells its original Acai Smoothy, Enzyme soda using fruits of the season, and a sandwich with bread made from wild yeast, from the special store ‘ippe coppe’. You might even just take a short break at the garden.

Whomever walks into this place will be delighted with all the surprises, this is such kind of select shop.

Address/2-15-8 #30 Minatogawa Urasoe-shi
Business Hrs/11:30〜18:00
Non-Business Days/Sundays, Mondays


OkinawaCLIP Photo Writer Masayuki Sesoko


2-15-8 Minatogawa Urasoe-shi