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Okinawa CLIP Movie Motobu Public Market Part 2

post : 2015.01.25 19:00

This is a public market in Motobu Town.  In Okinawa, we call a market “Machiguwa.” 

Ocean-fresh seafood from the nearby fishing port as well as locally-grown vegetables are sold at the traditional shopping market.  In addition to it, recently a variety senses of characteristic shops have been opening, which makes the market a very interesting spot. 

I would like to introduce you the part 2 of the movie on “Motobu Machiguwa,” which creates a different space with an atmosphere of the showa period (1926–1989), and where the gentle time unique to Yanbaru passes by!

Sukoyaka Nojo: A shop of local fresh organic vegetables, seedlings, organic food and seasonings.  Simple rice balls and lunch boxes are very popular.

Chichiuri: Vegetable green curry simmered with Okinawan vegetables and papaya spring rolls are delicious at this diner.  They also have a variety of a little different Okinawan souvenirs.

MOTT’UNO: A shop of a new style of “Motsu Burger,” which sandwiches simmered “Nakami (an Okinawan cuisine of pork entrails)”in bread

SOYSOY: A shop of sweets such as handmade muffins and scorns using okara (soy pulp) and soy milk bought from the local Okinawan tofu shops

4 Toguchi, Motobu Town


Movie Writer  Ouji Ogawa