Okinawa Tourism Information:HighQualityAdultSpace“OkinawaPrivateResortLaPace”IntheYokatsuPeninsula,WhereFewAccommodationsAreAvailable

High Quality Adult Space “Okinawa Private Resort La Pace” In the Yokatsu Peninsula, Where Few Accommodations Are Available

post : 2015.01.28 19:00

Very different from the hustle and bustle of the resort area on the western coast, the local culture is a big charm of the eastern coast of mainland Okinawa.
Especially Henza Island is an idyllic island quietly located ahead of the Kaichu-doro*, which is known as a popular drive destination.
Honestly speaking, there are no particular things to see there, and many people have an impression of the island as “on my way to Ikei Island.”  However, actually a perfect peaceful environment for stay still remains on Henza Island.

* Kaichu-doro: an inter-island highway that slices through the sea in a straight line and then connects Katsuren Peninsula and Henza Island.

Henza Island had had no accommodation facilities until June 2012, when a rental villa “Okinawa Private Resort La Pace” was opened.
The modern, three-storied, reinforced concrete building of a total of 100㎡is limited up to 8 people.  It simply consists of a detached rest house on the first floor, a Japanese-style room on the second floor, and a western-style room on the third floor, each of which has an equal size of 9 tatami-mat room.

You could use the detached rest house for chatting with guests and having meals, and a small banquet party.
(Please note that there is not a kitchen, so you could bring in your food.)

On the second floor, a square Japanese-style room where you feel comfortable with the crisp carpet with tatamis.  The dignified elegance is reminiscent of a high-class onsen inn.

On the third floor, you feel a breath of fresh air.  When you open the window of a room with two beds, dense greenery spreads before you.  Of course, they can provide you an extra futon (a traditional Japanese bedding).

In addition to that, the villa has two special luxury points.

One is a Jacuzzi bath on the rooftop.  From the height of 10 and several meters, you can savor a panoramic view ahead of the Henza Fishing Port in front of you.
No need to say about a stunning vista of islands of Yokatsu Peninsula and the Pacific Ocean shining lazuline blue during the day, watching the sunrise while soaking in a lukewarm water is a luxurious moment that you can enjoy only on the eastern coast.

And the other is a large-sized bath called “Ayahashi no Yu,” which you can never miss.

A big bathtub that is all to yourself surely gives you great satisfaction.  And on top of that, if you take a close look at it, you will be surprised to find that the floor is carpeted with tatami mats!  Lying on the bathroom floor naked might happen only one time in your lifetime.  The bathroom gives you such a small blissful moment. (lol)

Each wall of the bathroom has a glass window so that you can feel full of natural light coming in anywhere you sits.  In addition to “tatami that you can wet,” the owner who designs interior, shows his passion for a high quality of facility that you can find everywhere in his villa.
No one can disturb you.  The Okinawa Private Resort La Pace is available only on a reservation basis, only one group per night.
In an adult space which reserves to be called as a private resort, please fully enjoy a graceful Okinawan time!

Okinawa Private Resort Lapace

Address: 2440-1 Henza, Yonashiro, Uruma City
TEL: 098-983-1201 (Only on a reservation basis)

Official Website:

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Kiwamu Ogawa