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Natural Gelato “South and North” Using Okinawan Vegetables and Fruits

post : 2015.01.29 19:00

A gelato shop “South and North” located in Naha Shintoshin pleases you with artisanal gelato whose taste is acclaimed by a first class mail order magazine.

The owner, Mr. Fukuda have tried more than 30 ingredients for flavors, and he picked out only flavors that satisfy him for selling at the shop.

“I have tried even ingredients that seem not be suitable for gelato such as goya (bitter gourd), getto (shell ginger), ukon (turmeric), etc.  Even an ingredient which can produce a good taste is not delicious at all if the mixing ratio with raw milk is even slightly different from the setting,” said Fukuda-san.

He changes the base of gelato, raw milk itself according to ingredients, and never uses preservatives and artificial coloring so that customers can enjoy the original taste of ingredients.

 “Even the same ingredients differ in the taste depending on where and by whom they are produced, which affects the finished products.” So he carefully selects ingredients: cream cheese from Ishigaki Island, shiikuwaasaa (Okinawan lime) from Ogimi Village, pumpkin and mango from Miyako Island, black tea from Oku in Yanbaru and Shimadofu (Okinawan tofu) from around Hanta-gawa River.

His passion that “I would like to let many people know the uniqueness and taste of Okinawan ingredients” developed through his visit to Yaeyama Islands repeatedly for more than 10 years.  That’s why he keeps an uncompromising attitude toward the ingredients.  

They have 14 regular flavors including Nago Coffee, Mango and Cream Cheese.  I visited the shop in late November, and the seasonable fruit then is shiikuwaasaa.  The vivid orange yellow-colored Shiikuwaasaa Gelato like a sorbet is excellent in sourness and fragrant flavor!  A profound flavor comes from juice squeezed from the whole shiikuwaasaa with its peel. 

In addition, a new flavored gelato of kippan (candied winter melon) “Okinawa Caramel” tastes mild as a dense, bittersweet kippan is mixed with cold, milky ice cream.  The perfect combination brings out a new good taste of the traditional sweets, kippan.

In Okinawa you can enjoy gelato even in winter.
Every time you visit the South & North, you find another new tasty flavor.
I would recommend you this gelato shop all the seasons around.

South and North

Address: 3-13-26 Mekaru, Naha City
TEL: 098-861-3730
Opening Hours: 11:30 to 19:00
Closed on Wednesdays (Opens on Holidays)
Parking: Available for 3 cars

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Aya Asakura