Okinawa Tourism Information:TheBrilliantColorsandDelicateDetailsAmazingMemorialStatue「Tojinbaka」inIshigakiIsland

The Brilliant Colors and Delicate Details Amazing Memorial Statue「Tojinbaka」in Ishigaki Island

post : 2015.01.28 22:00

「The Memorial Statue  called Tojinbaka 」is located on a hill close to Kannonzaki
in South West of the island.
The red and green vivid colored statue has been an outstanding existence there.

The Memorial Statue was built in 1971 to remember the Chinese victims in case of vessel.
 Robert Baun occurred in 1852 (for historical details, please see other internet site) .
I would like to focus on the delicately decorated carvings which you can rarely see.
It is just amazing to find the beauty of figures.

The figure of lively dancing Chinese dragons are designed basically and
the Royal and Noble families, Knights, Monks and Children who exist
in real world can also be found on the statue.
The simple contrast of large and small sized carvings is making a dynamism. 
The motifs of the nature world such as mountains, pine trees,
flowers support carvings of human being to look very nice,
and they are also succeed in giving imagination of many stories to us.

The carved figures are clothed in gorgeous colors of red and yellow,
green and blue, and there is also an old man who looks like a hermit.
Other variety of delicate carvings such as a knight having a spear
and a sward, and a harness of a horse are seen.
Each character has a good expression on face and very interesting to look in details.
Although there are many figures, I could not find a female figure at all,
 which is a mystery.

The beauty of the Oriental figure art by much use of vermilion color...
The Syuri Castle is painted also in vermilion and I ensured
that culture of Okinawa is surely routed from the ancient China.

After you have looked at micro world, please try to see the ocean.
You will find Taketomi Island in a few km ahead from a nice and windy hilltop.
You will also find vivid red flowers of hibiscus which characterize a tropical island,
and Sandanka flowers(Ixosora chinensis) that remind  us of sun shine of hot summer.
The contrast of these red colors and blue colors (called Ishigaki blue)
of sky and ocean are so clear.

When you see the colors closely, you will realize that the combination
of red and green supporting colors happened to be the same colors used
on the main statue of Tojinbaka.

I would be surprised and amazed if the colors of the statue had been chosen to match
the surrounding nature intentionally.

Tojinbaka is a mysterious place and an object which has many aspects depending
on the way you look at.
When you look at the over all landscape in a macro point of view,
 you might find something new.

Address/1625-9 Shinkawa, Ishigaki shi

Okinawa CLP Photo wrier by Ken Ogawa (Qey Word)