Okinawa Tourism Information:Let’sGotoWarmOkinawa!TheRecommendedOkinawaSightseeinginThisSeasonisWhaleWatchingaroundZamamiNationalPark!

Let’s Go to Warm Okinawa! The Recommended Okinawa Sightseeing in This Season is Whale Watching around Zamami National Park!

post : 2015.02.02 19:00

The Kerama Islands National Park is recommended sightseeing place not only for summer but also for winter because you can enjoy whale watching around Zamami Island of the Kerama Islands in this time of the year!
*We would like to introduce you the whale watching with video in this article!!

From late December to early April, whales migrate to the waters of the Kerama Islands to mate, give birth to new calves and nurture them. 

In addition, there is the Whale Watching Association on Zamami Island.  The association checks if there are any whales at the two observatory points every day before they decide to depart a whale watching ship.  So the chance of encountering whales is surprisingly high, 95%!

And on top of that, when wave is high, they can switch a watching point to a gentle wave point under the shade of the island.  It is very convenient to go to whale-infested points at the shortest distance from Zamami Port.  As the risk of getting seasick is lower than in other whale watching points, visitors from family groups to senior citizens can enjoy it casually.
(* If you tend to get seasick, please take a medicine for seasickness.)

The whale watching season has just begun, so they say whales show performances rather gently.  But if you are lucky, you will be able to see more different performances than you expect.  Well, let me share my report of the first whale watching in 2015 with you.

Of course, I was able to see it.  This is just what I would expect from Zamami Island!
Surprisingly 15 times in a row, I could see a dynamic performance called tail slap!
* It is difficult to imagine what it is like by a picture, so pleas watch the movie as well!

How did you like it?  You might want to encounter with a whale face to face!

Otsubo-san, a chief of the secretariat of the Zamami Whale Watching Association said, “When I found a whale so close for the first time, I was very impressed because it is a very huge living organism though it is the same mammal as human beings.  I would like everybody to have the same experience as I had.  Please come to see whales!”
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The whale watching season lasts until early April, and especially from early February to mid March, whales mate actively, which is worth seeing!

If possible, I would recommend you stay 2 to 3 nights for whale watching.  If the heavy wind roughed the sea, whale watching programs might be cancelled.  So just in case, it would be safe to stay for a couple of nights.
You might be able to have a higher chance of encountering whales and to enjoy more dramatic performances.

The recommended accommodation is “Pension Cha-Villa,” which is about 1-minute walk from the port.  It is a villa type, so you can have a private space to have a relaxing time.  This is basically for self-catering accommodation, but breakfast will be served if you make a reservation prior to the day before your stay.

You can find many places to dine on Zamami Island, so please enjoy a variety of island flavors in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.

In the event of the cancellation of a whale watching boat, I would recommend you visit Aka Island.
The ferries in the village are seldom cancelled.

You could also go on to Geruma Island by a rental moped or taxi to visit an Italian restaurant using the island ingredients called “Geruman gnon.”  It would be lovely to appreciate the moment of the island where time goes by slowly while savoring the exquisite cuisine.

Zamami Village consists of more than 20 islands including Zamami Island, Aka Island, Geruma Island.  Using an opportunity to come to Zamami Island for whale watching, why don’t you visit the surrounding islands?

Even in this time of the year, the average temperature is about 18℃ in Okinawa, so please take a trip to the remote island of warm Okinawa, Zamami Island?

* For introduction of Zamami Village and how to get to there, please click here!
(It is written in Japanese, so please ask a Japanese friend for help.)

The official website of “Zamami Whale Watching Association”

If you would like to know more about the remote islands of mainland Okinawa,
please click here! (It is written in Japanese, so please ask a Japanese friend for help.)

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Hiroshi Kuwamura (Movie: HITOMI)