Okinawa Tourism Information:EnjoyKyotoStyleMealsatCafe「SANSSOUCI」LocalIngredientsbothfromKyotoandRyukyu(Okinawa)

Enjoy Kyoto Style Meals at Cafe 「SANS SOUCI」 Local Ingredients both from Kyoto and Ryukyu(Okinawa)

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The number of stylish Cafe in a renovated foreign residence are increasing
in Okinawa in these years.

There is an unique Cafe in Kita Nakagusuku village that offers Kyoto style meals
which you rarely find in Okinawa.
The Cafe is named SANS SOUCI and the owner came from West of Japan (Kansai).
This is a collaboration Cafe with Ryukyu (Okinawa) and Kyoto.

You can enjoy meals and sweets which are made of Okinawa local ingredients
and ingredients directly sent from Kyoto.

The owner carefully selects the ingredients and chooses the best way of cooking for them.
For example, they use Kujyo Leeks from Kyoto
and deep fried Tofu from a famous Tofu shop called Kyo Tofu Fujino.
Mr. Nakanishi, the owner of SAN SOUCI talked about his selections passionately.

This is Oyako Don (chicken and egg bowl).

The Chicken and eggs are from Okinawa.
The eggs are especially carefully selected by the owner Mr. Nakanishi.
Eggs are ingredients which should not be long travelled because the freshness is their quality.
He visited many chicken yard in Okinawa one by one with his rice cooker
and he tried to eat each raw egg on his rice bowl
and tasted to decide the best eggs for his Cafe.
He has finally chosen eggs of Hana Farm EM eggs in Yomitan village.
The eggs taste deep and sweet because their chicken feed contains
of seaweeds and green leaves(mugwort).

Oyako Don is made of boiled young chicken in a tasty broth
and melting eggs and an extra egg yolk on top of a rice bowl.
This Oyako Don has a mild taste in overall and you can enjoy
the taste of each ingredient in the bowl.
「I recommend customers to taste this bowl while it is hot!」
As recommended by the owner,
 I firstly broke the fresh and bouncy egg yolk and it was so delicious.

The Curry Noodle is also my favourite and recommendable.

I can not find other word to describe the taste, this is just delicious♪

Good taste really depends on broth.
The standard Japanese broth is made from Bonito flakes and Seaweeds, however,
the water in Okinawa is too hard to make a nice broth. Therefore,
the owner utilizes water softener to make a good broth.
The owner had spent one and half a year to find out his best spice mix for the Curry Noodle.
So, this is also his specialty!

The tastes of SANS SOUCI come from good understanding
on characters of both Okinawa and Kyoto food.
It is so nice to have Kyoto style meals in Okinawa which are made of fresh
and carefully selected ingredients.  
Please come and enjoy♪

For other menu, a glass of Green Tea which is very popular in summer in Kyoto.


The flavors of Ice Creams are Green Tea from Kyoto,
Kinako (soy bean powder), Dark Sugar of Okinawa,
and Jelly dessert is also good. There are also a gorgeous
 Parfait which is one of the most popular sweets
in Kyoto and has some sticky white balls.
This Parfait has a very thick green tea flavor and one of the best recommendations. 

The Shaved Ice with Acerola fruit syrup is available for summer.
The Acerola is grown in Motobu Peninsula, mainland of Okinawa.

The Shaved Ice with a plenty of Acerola syrup and
the original jelly are so delicious
The word Compromise never exists in SANS SOUCI.

The owner's wife is the main cook and she had been trained of cooking
in her father's Japanese restaurant  in Kyoto. Her skills are trustworthy.
Her father's restaurant is the famous「Gion Kappo Sakamoto」which obtained one star by Michelin.
She trained under the famous Japanese Dancer Ms. Yachiyo Inoue and took a license
 of Inoue style Kyoto Dancing.    
She really is a Kyoto Woman♪
Mr.Nakanishi proposes his ideas for menu and she tries best to cook on his ideas.
Trusted each other, their Kyoto menu are made with a lot of love and thoughts.

SANS SOUCI is a Cafe with full of hearts wishing to collaborate good things
of Okinawa and Kyoto together.

You can actually see that Okinawa and Kyoto are collaborated very well in the Cafe.
For example, a handy fan (Uchiwa)with a dancing girl's name (young Geisha name)
is displayed in a renovated former foreign residence,
and Okinawa's earthen wares are used for Kyoto style meals, etc.
It is somehow strange but becoming a very comfortable space.

There is a kid's space surrounded by seats,
so your kids can play in the space. 
It is very nice for mothers to enjoy a coffee break even if you come with your kids.

In the Cafe, you can purchase "Matsuno Soy Sauce" and soy vinegar.
The Matsuno Soy Sauce is a very old soy sauce maker
in Kyoto and their soy sauce has been aged in barrels still now.

Lastly, the owner Mr. Nakanishi said that SANS SOUCI is a Meal Cafe!

I wish customers to enjoy a nice meal and fill their stomach. This is all he wishes.
Please fill your stomach with a nice meal and smile at
the Okinawa-Kyoto Collaboration Cafe "SANS SOUCI"♪

Address/Parkside#1822, 150-3 Ogidou, Kita Nakagusuku village

Open/11:00~21:00(LO 20:30)
Close/Irregular, Please ask

Okinawa CLIP Photo writer by 0173(Rena Chinen)