Okinawa Tourism Information:「CafeKaraKara」inMiyakoIslandTheOriginalExistencebyHandMade

「Cafe Kara Kara」in Miyako Island The Original Existence by Hand Made

post : 2015.02.03 22:00

The growing tropical trees and fences made of swelled corals,
 various sized hand written colorful sign boards,
Wooden barrack like houses...
On your way to Ikama Island on Route 83 to North from Hirara, Miyako Island,
you will find a mysterious place where you smell something nice on your right side.

「Cafe Kara Kara」opened in 2002. The tables and chairs are made of natural materials such
as driftwoods, rocks and sea shells.
Other interior/exterior are also hand made by the owner which took him almost a year.
They are all his masterpieces.

Inside the Cafe is dim so that tropical fish swimming slowly
in the aquarium can be seen very well with the aquarium light.
The calm coloured counter table is about 3m long and made of high class wood called
Travertine which are grown in Miyako Island.

For chairs, one long Ryukyu Pinetree is used.
The outer is barked and burnt by a burner,
then cut to adjust the hight for the counter table.  
The display items and plants in the Cafe are very simple and relaxing.
When you look around the Cafe, you will understand that the owner loves natural materials. 

The Menu are also full of originality. The most popular
「Miyako Island Curry」(800yen incl. Tax) is an original sea food soup curry
with their original mixed spice.
Do you understand what shape this is?
The rice is shaped of Miyako Island and if you order a bigger size of Curry,
you will get one more cutlet on the right side.
(cutlet indicates remote islands of Miyako Island)

The best recommendation is BBQ with Miyako Beef at the terrace (+2persons/2,000yen each 〜).
There is also a roofed terrace, so you can enjoy BBQ even on a rainy day.

There are also Drinks and Dessert Menu.
The 「Mango Juice」made from a plenty of Mango grown in Miyako
Island (to right on picture/750yen incl. Tax) is very refreshing. 
 The「Cream Soda」(480yen incl. Tax)is imaged of the beautiful blue ocean.
You can see the Sun goes down on the west ocean from the open aired roof.

The owner opened a 「Shell Craft Shop」in 2015 and now planning to open a workshop
for hand craft with sea shells and hand made lamps.
Surrounded by natural materials of the island, trying to make your original goods...
It would surely become a very nice memory of you.

Cafe Kara Kara
Address/130-32 Ohura, Hirara, Miyako Island

Okinawa CLIP Photo writer by Ken Ogawa (Qey Word)