Okinawa Tourism Information:SuperbViewSpot「HirakubozakiLightHouse」PanoramicViewofTaramaandIriomoteIslands

Superb View Spot 「Hirakubozaki Light House」 Panoramic View of Tarama and Iriomote Islands

post : 2015.02.04 22:00

The Hirakubo Peninsula is located on the North East of Ishigaki Island
and the area is a peaceful country side where Dark haired Japanese cows are out in the pasture.
Hirakubozaki is the most Northern part of Ishigaki Island
and the most representative spot for the superb view.
「Hirakubo Light House」is made of white chalk and being a landmark and the best photo spot.

As left picture shows, a view from the hilltop is nothing but beautiful.
You will see the Pacific Ocean on your right and the East China Sea
on your left. When you see the horizon over this panoramic view,
 you would feel that the Earth is certainly round.

When you see below, you will find some thick reefs making a complicated pattern
on the very clear ocean that has many colors such as Indigo, Cyan and Cobalt blue.  
When you look at North, you will find the shiny Daichibanari Island 400m ahead.
「Daichibanari Island」is an uninhabited island and a breeding area for Seabirds.
This island is registered as a special area of Iriomote Ishigaki National Park.

There is a hill higher than the Light House behind.
(This is a Keep Out area now, please see the picture taken in the past)

The altitude of the hilltop is about 100m and you will see even the Light House below.
On a clear day, you would be able to see Tarama Island some 10 km ahead on
the Pacific Ocean side, and Iriomote Island over the Kabira district on the East China Sea side.

For your information, the location of this small mountain used to be an Observation Platform
and Beacons called 「Hibanmui」erected by the government of Ryukyu Kingdom in 1644
and it was responsible for restricting foreign vessels.

Unfortunately, we can not get in the Light House or Hibanmui,
but if you are interested in enjoying the beautiful nature view of Yaeyama area actively in the sky,
 please try riding a Motor Paraglider offered by 「Sky Adventure Umaku」.

It takes about 1hour 30 min. from Ishigaki Airport by car, however,
if you are interested, it is worthwhile trying.

Hirakubozaki Light House
Address/ Hirakubo Ishigaki shi

Sky Adventure Umaku
Address/249-42 Ibaruma, Ishigaki shi(in Akashi Paraworld)

Okinawa CLIP Photo writer by Ken Ogawa (Qey Word)