Okinawa Tourism Information:PotteryShop“Sprout”SellsBothTraditionalPotteriesandYoungArtists’Potteries.

Pottery Shop “Sprout” Sells Both Traditional Potteries and Young Artists’ Potteries.

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“Tsuboya Pottery Street,” which is located within 7 to 8 minute walking distance from Kousai Shopping Street, is a popular spot for souvenir shopping where pottery shops and pottery workshops are lined up. 

For more than 300 years old since the Ryukyu Kingdom period, the tradition of “pottery” has been passed down here.

A pottery shop “Sprout” located on the street deals in traditional potteries by experienced artists and characteristic, traditional potteries by young artists.  This kind of shop is rare in this area.

“I would like customers to compare traditional potteries with ones taking in “modern, fresh” air, so I display both,” said the owner, Ms. Kiyomi Gibo.
When you actually compare them in color, shape, texture, and pattern, you will know the beauty of each of the two kinds.

“It does not matter which type of potteries you start with.  I would like you to know the history and depth of potteries eventually.  Then, through potteries, I would like you to feel an easy openness and the warmth of Okinawa.”
The name of the shop, “Sprout” come from the wish that a new steam be born and bring wind blowing.

This shop has an array of potteries by young artists who are popular in and outside of Okinawa.  Tsuboya Yachimun Street has many potteries that you can only find there.

Potteries with the design of coffee beans, which are shown in the above photo, are the products from “Koubou Jikkaku,” which has a kiln in Yomitan Village.

The above pottery with soft expression is from “Muro-gama,” whose artist works in Nago City.

In addition to those, the shop has products from “Toubou Makiya,” “Koubou Kokyu,” “Koubou Kotori,” etc.  Once any of these products is displayed in the shop, it will sell soon.

Well now, let me show you traditional potteries baked in a climbing kiln.
The above-shown products by Mr. Kashin Teruya, has gentle patterns and colors as well as flavor unique to products from the climbing kiln.

Their simple, warm appearance is naturally created by the traditional technique.
There is something homey about the potteries, which bring everybody at a table a gentle smile.

“I would like potteries in my shop to remain even after 100 years and 200 years.
If you would like to know the history and bits of knowledge on pottery, Gibo-san will kindly explain them to you.

Dreaming about the future of her loving potteries, she warmly welcomes visitors today, and keeps telling about an Okinawan handicraft.

craft house Sprout

Address: 1‐17‐3, 1F, Tsuboya, Naha City
TEL: 098‐863‐6646
Hours: 10:00 to 19:00
Closed Irregularly

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Akiko Ono