Okinawa Tourism Information:Unusual-looking,BigBreadYouEnjoyatUchiCafé“MilkHallIramina”♪

Unusual-looking, Big Bread You Enjoy at Uchi Café “Milk Hall Iramina”♪

post : 2015.02.06 19:00

“Strange-looking” and “Big”!
That might be your first impression of this characteristic roll made in America.
It is called “Popover.”

As they make bread rise and glutinous with egg, milk, etc. instead of rising, it is a luxurious, time-consuming bread that you can bake only six in an hour.  
The cream puff-looking outside surface is crispy, and the inside has many layers of chewy

Almost all the customers said that is was their first time they had enjoyed the exquisite
texture that you cannot find in any other place.  Butter, cream cheese and strawberry
jam make a perfect combination, and you can enjoy it as you like.
“Popover Plate” Set, which comes with a soup for 800 yen (tax included), is recommended.

You can enjoy this surprising-looking, freshly-baked Popover only at “Milk Hall Iramina” located in a quiet residential area in Yomitan Village.  It is an “uchi café (meaning a café at home)” for the people in the know.

The café has a decent appearance using a taste unique to a foreigner’s house.

When you open the door, pieces of wooden, antique furniture create nostalgic space, which perfectly embodies the name of the shop “Milk Hall,” that is somewhat long-forgotten Japanese English.

In addition, retro sundry goods you can find everywhere in the café are so attractive.
For example, these ‘60s Pyrex ceramics are the owner’s favorite, which he used for long time at his parents’ house.

The universal design which does not fade still now radiates less-than-subtle charm.
There is a plenty of magazines, art books and photo books.  Especially, the owner is proud of his excellent selection of picture story books, which he would like especially grownups to read.

As the owner chef worked at one of the leading resort hotels as a restaurant manager, the taste is excellent.  Also, “Original Keema Curry of Tomato and Minced Meat with Salad” for 800 yen (tax included), is popular for its rich curry flavor.

The café has many local repeated customers, who are always at home to families and couples.  This is a literally ‘at home’ café, which makes you feel at home.

In this comforting space loved by the local people, please have a home-style dish, full of hospitality.  I am sure you will smile naturally.

Milk Hall Iramina

Address: 418 Iramina, Yomitan Village
TEL: 098-923-0709
Opening Hours: 7:00 to 17:00(L.O.)
Closed on Wednesdays
Free Parking is Available.
Official Website:

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Kiwamu Ogawa