Okinawa Tourism Information:“BreakfastatRoseGarden”ALittleLuxuriousMomentInTheMorningToMakeYouFeelAsIfYouWereInAmerica

“Breakfast at Rose Garden” A Little Luxurious Moment In The Morning To Make You Feel As If You Were In America

post : 2015.02.05 19:00

There is a very popular restaurant among the fraternity including editors, writers and photographers as “a place they often go on days off.”

After passing the Futenma Intersection on Highway 330, you will enjoy picturesque, exotic sceneries, which come into your sight and go through car windows as you drive until you reach the RyCom intersection.
Soon you will be able to see a nostalgic American house on the right.
The red-roofed house located in the most deeply American area in Okinawa is “Rose Garden,” which everyone is talking about.

Every day from early morning till after noon, the parking space is full of cars of American families who come for enjoying breakfast or lunch.  The classical design in the restaurant makes you feel as if you slipped in time to a typical good old American family.  Always you can hear pleasant English conversations, which is just like BGM here.

I always eat Egg Benedict here.  Chewy, special English muffin and thickly-cut, roasted homemade ham are topped with lightly-fried poached egg. The Egg Benedict with plenty of Hollandaise sauce is shiny, which increases your appetite. 

It looks difficult to eat, but when you put your knife into it,…..See?  It does not crumble off, so you can put it into your mouth nicely.
The rich flavor spreads much deeper than you think down your throat, so you will be very satisfied. 

It is a breakfast menu item, but luckily you can order the Egg Benedict until 5 PM just like the other items including pancakes, French toast, etc.

The most popular menu item for lunch and dinner is a steak menu item. 

As the Rose Garden is an Italian cuisine restaurant, spaghetti and pizza are of course delicious.  It also has a variety of orthodox American home-style food such as traditional sausage in the southern part of America, homemade ham, omelet, etc.
No matter how old you are, you can relax and enjoy lunch or dinner in a little luxurious atmosphere.

When you are full, it is a dessert time!

The best recommended one is cheese cake, with which they have been using the same recipe since its establishment.  The secret to the popularity is that you can enjoy soufflé and baked at the same time. 

When I visited the shop, the cheese cake was all sold out, so I ordered a soufflé with mango sauce, full of atmosphere of the southern island.
Rich cream cheese with a refreshing acid flavor melted in my mouth.
Just like main dishes, deserts are bigger volume than they look.
You will be full and filled with happiness.  So satisfied!

And on top of that, you can refill your hot coffee or iced tea as many times you like.
So, without worrying about time, you can have a relaxed time here.

Please savor the exotic “breakfast” that you can enjoy only in Okinawa.

Rose Garden

Address: 165-1 Yagibaru, Kitanakagusuku Village
TEL: 098-932-2800
Opening Hours: 8:00 to 23:45(L.O.23:00)
Open 365 Days A Year

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Nobuya Fukuda