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Lots of varieties!! Sata Andagi

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In Naha, while walking along the Heiwa-dori shopping district, a sweet aromatic smell fills the air. The aroma comes from a Ryukyu sweets shop called “Ryugu” which sells Sata Andagi.
Sata (Sugar), Anda (Oil), Agi (Fry); these make up Sata Andagi, the famous doughnut delicacy of Okinawa.

There are many varieties of Sata Andagi, and they even have shop originals only available here.

Sata Andagi with coconut topping.
The aroma of coconut actually goes quite well with Sata Andagi!

Sata Andagi with black sesame and grounded soybean.
The scent of black sesame and the fine taste of grounded soybean go together superbly with Sata Andagi.

Ryugu’s original Sata Andagi, ‘Chippiru’.
A bite-size treat even ladies will find easy to eat. In the Okinawan dialect, chippiru means ‘small’.

There are rare products you can see in the shop.

A chunk of brown sugar.

Twice the size of the staff’s face! Even in Okinawa it’s hard to find such a big chunk.

And most important of all, the taste…

Crispy on the outside, soft and moist on the inside!
Not at all oily, and goes very well with tea.

If you’re feeling tired after sightseeing around Naha, why not enjoy a delicious Sata Andagi and take in the views of the shopping district.
Ryukyu Sweets Shop Ryugu
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