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Coffee and Tote Bag of “PORTRIVER MARKET”

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Minatogawa Stateside Town is a “town,” which is lined up with foreign houses, which are tenanted for characteristic shops and restaurants

PORT RIVER MARKET in this “town” is a sundry store where items selected by Mr. & Mrs. Mugishima, who used to work for BEAMS. 

The shop is full of “fun to discover,” which is unique to a sundry shop, with a variety of goods from used children shoes, cosmetics, Okinawan traditional arts, imported sundry goods, to excellent taste of chinsuko (Okinawan traditional cookie). 

PORTRIVER MARKET starts selling its original tote bags for more fun shopping!
The logo mark with a motif of a foreign residence is surrounded with illustration drawn by their 8-year old son when he was seven.

“We asked him to draw a picture which makes our customers happy on a glass window at the front door.  His picture was well received by customers, so we used it for our original tote bag.  But the window was broken due to the typhoon the other day, and his original illustration became a phantom masterpiece. (lol)”

When you look at childlike beaming smiles on a tote bag, you feel unwind automatically. They used organic cotton and chose navy for color, saying that “Off white is commonly used for tote bags, but stains stand out in that color.”  They created a tote bag, which is light, strong, and foldable, and perfect for small shopping!

“We would like to sell our tote bags in different designs,” they said.
So the first model are for only 30 pieces for sale.

Another original product from PORTRIVER MARKET is roasted coffee beans.
These blended coffee and roasted coffee beans are from a coffee shop “OKINAWA CERRADO COFFEE,” which is three houses away.

“Don’t you have an image that the taste of coffee will be bad when it is cold and oxidized in an office or somewhere else?  We asked the OKINAWA CERRADO COFFEE to make taste good even when it is cold,” said Mr. Mugishima.

In addition to this, he asked the coffee shop to make it perfect for the image of the PORTRIVER MARKET.  The couple selected blended coffee and roasted coffee beans among several samples.

“Both of us agreed on their excellent taste!  We are proud that we can get coffee roasted from 200g within less than 1 minute walking distance, and sell freshly-roasted coffee to everyone.”

Mr. Narihito Sueyoshi from OKINAWA CERRADO COFFEE said, “My theme is to create coffee which is special, but is used casually every day.  With gorgeous, sweet aroma and gentle touch to drink, even those who don’t drink coffee can enjoy it.” 

This is perfect for the image of the PORTRIVER MARKET, which has sophisticated, homely touch as well as update our daily life very gently.

Usually coffee beans are sold, but if you place an order, they can grind beans for you. 

The shop owners who are specialist in the trade treasure their concept to run their business carefully in the fascinating Minatogawa Stateside Town, where each characteristic mixes with each other to be harmonized as Okinawan time goes by so slowly.   

I think that the original goods of PORTRIVER MARKET, which created in the atmosphere and the bond of this town has a power to make our daily life slightly gentle.

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Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Aya Asakura