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Enjoy Authentic American Breakfast at Maeda Breeze for Breakfast at Resort!

post : 2015.02.24 19:00

Maeda Breeze is a morning cafe located along the Highway 6, where runners and cyclists run through, near Cape Maeda, a mecca for snorkeling.

You can enjoy the authentic American breakfast prepared by the wife of the owner, Mrs. Naoko Arasaki and given the seal of approval by her husband, Hiroto "JJ" Arasaki, who has an American father and an Okinawa mother.

Usually “Sunny Side Up” is common for Japanese people while “Over Easy,” for which you cook the whites hard, flip it “Over” to cook the yolk lightly (“Easy”) is common for American people.

Even if you cook the both side, the yolk stays runny.  Crispy bacon, lightly-fried mashed potato instead of oily hush brown or French flies come together.

Freshly-squeezed blend orange juice is their original.  Soup is made by using seasonal vegetables.  Handmade salad dressing is prepared simple to keep the original taste of ingredients for salad.

The ocean-loving couple opened the shop just by the sea.

Their shop has been popular among foreign customers as well as enthusiasts for cycling, which is the hobby of the couple.

Their morning plate is a combination of ingredients that has become familiar to Japanese people, but each ingredient is carefully cooked, which is a secret of their delicious plate.

You use a fork to put thickly-cut bacon, mashed potato and runny yolk together into your mouth.
Since each ingredient is carefully cooked, the good taste of classic meal spreads in your mouth.

You can place an individual order, so you can combine French toast, bacon and mashed potato.  French toast made using baguette is delicious, especially the crispy crust.

Thickly-sliced baguette is filling but syrup and whipped cream is prepared not so sweet, you might want to have it as much as you like.

Carrot cake made by Naoko-san is available for take out and an order for whole cake.
Carrot cake, which is American favorite dessert, has plenty of big raisons and chestnuts.  It is a hearty dessert!

They try to follow the classic American style recipe for each menu item, yet cook them healthy.

For lunch, they have sandwich and meat loaf.  Sandwich for take out is available, so it would be wonderful to take it with you for a picnic while savoring ocean view.

The café is located in an about 10 minute-car ride from the bay area of Onna Village, where resort hotels are lined up.

It would be a special memory to savor branch while enjoying a marvelous ocean view in the light coming through large glass windows. 

Morning cafe Maeda Breeze

Address: 1430-12, Maeda, Onna Village
TEL: 098-989-8099
Opening Hours: 8:00 to 16:00
Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays  
Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Aya Asakura