Okinawa Tourism Information:ThePowerSpotwellknownbyWordofMouth(NakabariLimestoneCave)

The Power Spot well known by Word of Mouth (Nakabari Limestone Cave)

post : 2015.02.28 22:00

The Nakabari Limestone Cave is the only cave in Miyako Island
which is open for public and located in the middle
of a very quiet field in Nakabari area, Gusukube in Miyako Island.

The owner Mr. Uezato says that this cave is the most mysterious
Limestone cave in Japan owned by an individual.

This cave has been well known as a Power Spot in fact.
You must be curious What kind of place  this would be !

The Nakabari Limestone Cave had only been known by word of mouth before,
however, this Cave has been advertised in local free papers since this autumn.

The Karst landform called Doline (sink hole) has long been
in the field owned by the ancestors of current owner Mr. Shimozato
and the big Doline has been making a hole to the underground.
There is a way-in to the cave in 15 m underground.
The cave was not open for public for 30 years, however the owner now accepts visitors. 

To be surprised, this cave is estimated to be almost 300,000 years old !

The owner reopened the cave for public 10 years ago
and now also offers a service of keeping Awamori (local liquor) bottles in order to age
the liquors in the cave.

Inside the cave, the temperature is maintained at around 20℃ throughout
the year and the Sun light does not come in,
so this is the most ideal natural warehouse for liquor bottles.

If you wish to age your favourite Awamori made in Miyako Island in the cave,
the annual storage is 2,500 yen.

There is also an open air space in Doline,
and can be used as a natural hall for various events. (permission required)
So far, a Pointillism painter Mr. Seita Oshiro has given a lecture here
and a wine lecture by Mr. Sunagawa, the Representative
Sommelier of Okinawa prefecture, is scheduled to be held in November, a wedding
party is also scheduled in December.   

And not to be mentioned, this cave has been popular as a Power Spot.

There are Power Stones in the Cave which is said to make your wish come true,
for example, finding a good partner, bringing a baby, etc.
If you are interested, please visit and make a wish.

In fact, there are 60 reportings of the wishes came true from the visitors.
60 is only a reported number, so there would be many more wishes came true.

A couple recently held their wedding party here because they happened
to know each other in the cave.

This is a hidden spot in Miyako Island and only a limited number
of people know the Nakabari Limestone Cave.
Please visit and make your wish come true !

Address/ Aza Tomori 1114, Gusukube, Miyakojima city
TEL/ 0980-77-7300
Fare/ Adult 500yen (over junior high school), child 300yen (below elementary school)
Open/ 10:00~17:00 (reservation required)
Close/ Irregular

Okinawa CLIP Photo writer by Hiroshi Kuwamura (KUWA)