Okinawa Tourism Information:Overwhelmingbeautyofbluetakesyourbreathaway.SeasideInn“Amamiku”

Overwhelming beauty of blue takes your breath away. Seaside Inn “Amamiku”

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Nakijin Village boasts of many small natural beaches remaining intact.

Looking over the sugarcane swinging slowly in the wind, you walk through the narrow lane until you reach the sea.  Then, you will find the Seaside Inn “Amamiku.”

It is a small hotel with two rooms.
The second floor has the guest rooms while the first floor has an atelier and café “HUALI,” which deals in accessories, etc. 

This is a view from Twin Room “Sango.” 

At the moment I entered the room, the stunning vista took my breath away.
A beautiful gradation of sea water spread before my eyes.
The sun came out of the clouds and came back into them.
This site is a long shallow stretch of coral reef along the beach, and expression of the sea surface changes every moment according to light. 

Just enjoying such a stunning vista makes you feel cleaned up.
It might be the best luxurious way to spend time doing nothing at this accommodation.

This is Family Suite “Getto.”

The accommodation has two rooms: one is “Sango,” a twin room for 1 to 3 persons, and the other is “Getto,” a family suite with spacious living room including kitchen for 2 to 5 persons.

The Ryukyu plaster walls, Ryukyu tatami mats, and floor of solid cedars….  
The owner couple wanted to build their accommodation with as much Okinawan material, natural material as possible.

“We welcome small children as well.  Nowadays, some customers rent out two rooms to stay with their grandparents.”

On a fine day, you can see Izena Island and Iheya Island on the East China Sea spreading calmly before your eyes, from January to April you might be able to see a humpback whale traveling for childbirth and child-rearing.
And on top of that, at the beach in May and June, you might have a lucky encounter with sea turtle egg laying.
Wow, there are chances to see a humpback whale and a sea turtle. 

When I went up to the rooftop in a state of excitement,

There was another truly stunning vista in front of me!
“This place has untouched sea.  This is the original landscape of Okinawa.”

It is true that there is something comforting about just being here.  Maybe it is because this is a natural beach not a developed resort site.

The café space on the first floor has windows all round with marvelous ocean views.
Instead of staying over, you can have a relaxing tea break while savoring the lovely view.

The recommend menu item is “Yanbaru Black Tea” made in Okinawa.
Especially “Yanbaru Black Tea Premium” is brewed with the handpicked first flash of the tea plants the husband cultivates.  The Yanbaru Black Tea Premium has been said to be an excellent black tea whose superiority is acknowledged by even a black tea specialist.

Immediately I tried the tea, and enjoyed a balmy aroma coming after the astringent taste unique to the first flash tea.   What surprised me was the taste when it was cold.
When I put some tea in my mouth, the astringent taste was mild.  A pronounced aroma spread when I gulped it down.
The dignified, gracious aroma remained in my mouth for a while.
I have never savored such a deep aroma before, and I cannot forget the flavor.

An attractive tea cup is an original one made by the Oomine Workshop, which is popular in and outside of Okinawa.
It is a big-sized, wide mouth tea cup.  When the staff fill the cup with plenty of black tea, you will feel relaxed. 

The atelier next to the café space has accessories and sundry goods selected by the wife.
The above picture shows works by the wife, who is also an accessory artist.
Necklaces and ear rings using beads made by blow glass, freshwater pearl, natural stone are recommended for souvenirs.

It is conveniently located within an about 10 minute car ride to a World Heritage site Nakijin Castle Site and Churaumi Aquarium.  
The inn is sandwiched between the two small beaches, so you can enjoy swimming in the sea in a hot season.
The sound of the wind and waves, white sand beach and overwhelming beautiful blue sea will mesmerize you.
Once you visit the seaside inn, you will never forget the place.

Seaside Inn “Amamiku”

Address: 3398 Imadomari, Nakijin Village
TEL: 0980‐56‐2345
Accommodation Fee: Room Getto 8,000 yen ~, Room Sango 7,000 yen ~(tax excluded)
* Adult fees vary according to seasons and the number of people use a room.
* Free for children of 3 years old or younger, 2,000 yen for children of 4 years old to senior high school students (tax excluded)
* Breakfast is available with additional 1,000 yen.  Dinner is not available, but BBQ is provided upon request.

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Akiko Ono