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Nobuya Fukuda / Photowriter

post : 2012.11.01 01:00


I moved to Kijoka, in the northern part of mainland Okinawa, in 2001. Then, I moved to the southern part, and started living in Kitanakagusuku Village in 2014.
I like surfing and have just startedRyukyu Karate.
After I had worked as a buyer of sundry goods, and experienced planning and development of ‘chisan chisho (Locally Grown, Locally Eaten)’ products and eco products around the Tokyo area, I endeavored manual work in Okinawa.
With some bumps and detours, I have been working in marketing, branding, project planning, etc., as well as working in editing and writing.
With my words and photos, I would like to express each good point in things that are good because they never change, and things that are good because they keep changing. I would like to write for both of them, not choosing one of the two. I would like to write for things other than those two as well.

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