Okinawa Tourism Information:Atinybakedconfectionaryshopinasmallvillage,surroundedbysugarcanefields

A tiny baked confectionary shop in a small village, surrounded by sugarcane fields

post : 2015.03.25 19:00

After driving through Kin Town, where you can feel American life, you keep going further, and shortly you will reach a small village.
When you see a signboard saying “Ginoza Kanamono Ten (Hardware Store),” turn right at the signboard from Highway 329, and a peaceful farming area will come into your sight.
Then, turn right at the second corner, you will arrive at a small baked confectionery shop.

If you use an express way, it takes one hour and some minutes, but I would like you to visit this type of shop by driving an ordinary road slowly while  gazing at the ever‐changing scenery.

A gourmet friend of mine secretly taught me this store, “kino store.”
I cannot remember how many times I have been here, but I still remember I got a surprising pleasant when I opened the door to the shop for the first time. 

The shop is tidy, sophisticated, and has an urban atmosphere.  And on top of that, a couple younger than I run the shop, but every time I come here, I feel like as if I was visiting my grandmother.

A variety of baked goods are displayed in a comfortable space.

Lemon cake, doughnuts, German cake, cheese cake brownie, raison sand, etc.  Everything is really delicious!  The moment I put their sweets in your mouth, I always have a very happy feeling because of its excellent taste!
I always thought I was going to ask them why their savory sweets made me so happy every time I ate them at home.

My recommendation is a lemon cake.  They use lemon for cream, select wheat suitable for lemon cake, and pay a great attention to how much sugar should be put and how long the cake should be baked.  Every day, they make lemon cake very carefully.  When I take a look at their sweets, I can imagine their facial expression when they take a great care to make each item.

Different from pastries in the city area, I feel their deliciousness every time precisely because of their simple, orthodox menu items.  There must be something great about their sweets that beyond recipes and skills. 

Every time I savor their baked confectioneries, I think of this way….
“Umm, not like this…not like that,” they must be talking to ingredients to bake their sweets wholeheartedly.     

Sakura san and Yousuke san have wanted their shop to be “machiyaguwa (an Okinawan word meaning a small country store),” and I believe their dream came true.  Customers feel comfortable to visit the kito shop just like they stop by their friend’s house and enjoy chatting about what happened on that day.

The kito store makes the baked goods simple, not making the goods look better than they are.   Anyway their sweets are very delicious!
They have an excellent sense of cooking, using seasonal local ingredients just like a magazine editor!
Please try “some tiny sweets in a small village, which has something nostalgic yet new about it.”

kino store

Address: 443 Aza-Ginoza, Ginoza Village
TEL: 098-968-6036
Opening Hours:10:00 to 17:00(They will close when all is sold out.)
Closed on Sundays to Wednesdays

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Nobuya Fukuda