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The message within traditional craft Yaeyama Minsah weaving.

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Minsah weaving is a traditional Okinawan craft.  Long ago these were highly appreciated presents that women would give to men. Yaeyama Minsah weaving is widely known in Okinawa.

The special quality of Yaeyama Minsah weaving pattern is the altenating pattern of 4 squares and 5 squares in a row which can be interpreted through a pun in Japanese as followed: itsu (5) no yo (4) made ni suenaku” (will last forever for all-time)…."
The “Yashirami” (file) pattern, which looks like a centipede, reflects the “commuting marriage era” (when married couples where not living together) and means “please visit me often" was the message sent from women to men through this pattern.

We have visited a place were this Yaeyama Minsah tradition was still being continued. 
Azamiya Minsah Craft Center is in Tonoshiro on Ishigaki Island.
In accordance with the founder’s wish, they keep making “object that be used in daily life."

There are various items from traditional kimono belts,

to modern neckties or pouches using traditional Yaeyama Minsah.

Everything is meticulously hand-woven.

At Azamiya Minsah Craft Center, instructors can teach you directly while you experience Minsah weaving.

On the second floor, you can learn about traditional craft with the Yaeyama Minsah resource room.
There we saw a mother and a daughter gazing studiously at the exhibits.

It seems that traditional dyeing and weaving techniques, as well as the message sent through these by Okinawan women are still being passed down.

Azamiya Minsah Craft Center
Address: 909 Tonoshiro, Ishigaki city, Okinawa Prefecture
Operating Hours: 9:00am-6:00pm (Open 365 days)
Phone Number: 0980-82-3473

【Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Taiki Gushiken】


909 Tonoshiro, Ishigaki city