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A carpet of light purple flowers all over Kijoka The flower of urizun, Okurareruka

post : 2015.03.29 19:00

A long winter finally closes in, and sunlight brings spring. 

In the mainland Japan, the cherry blossom front slowly goes up from the southern part of Kyushu to the north in late March, when many species of flowers bloom colorfully in mountains and towns in Okinawa. 

One of the flowers, Okurareruka (Iris Ochroleuca) blooms in late March every year, and welcomes its best from early April to late April.  
The flower is elegant with impressive, straight, long, green stalk and pale purple, big flower petals. 

From the entrance to Yanbaru (the northern mountainous part of the mainland Okinawa), the Kyoda Interchange, you drive up north along the coast on Highway 58 for about 45 minutes.  Then, you will reach Ogimi Village, which is famous for bashoufu, one of the oldest fabrics in Japan and the longevity village.  Ogimi Village has a secret garden where Okurareruka bloom beautifully.

You can never see a gorgeous view of paddies which has full of light purple-colored flowers like this in any other places.  Such a beauty of colorfulness and elegance is only here.

The okurareruka in Kijoka is not as famous as major flowers like hikan zakura in Peak Yae and azalea in Higashi Village; however, an idyllic landscape in the community helps it become well-known in Okinawa through word of mouth as a flower viewing spot in this season.

Now in Okinawa spring is already over, and we welcome a season of “Urizun (early summer).”
The urizun season that lasts until the mid May before a rainy season starts is the best season for the local residents of Okinawa.
For fully enjoying refreshing wind and somewhat soft, bright sunlight, many people in Okinawa visit this place. 

The okurareruka is an ornamental plant of iris family.

The flower characteristically grows as tall as 1m, and has very sharp, green leaves like sword, which make this flower popular as a material for ikebana and flower arrangement.  For the purpose of exporting the okurareruka to the mainland Japan, they are cultivated in these paddies. 

The flower language of the okurareruka is “good news.”
Open the door to summer a little earlier, and get good news earlier than anybody else.

This is the biggest scale of paddy for the okurareruka flowers blooming in Okinawa.
When you take a day trip to Yanbaru, please stop by here.  Especially early morning time is recommended.
The okurareruka glinting in a ray of morning light is worth seeing.

Iris Ochroleuca in Kijoka
Address: Paddy in Kijoka, Ogimi Village, Okinawa

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Nobuya Fukuda