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Meeting with new books at 「OMAR BOOKS」

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When you open a retro back feeling glass door, you will find a variety of books laid out on a shelf.
Overseas literatures, Japanese best sellers, picture books, etc.
Each book is laid out in a good space and you would feel like taking a long time
and look at the books one by one.

OMAR BOOKS is a Book Store located in Kita Nakagusuku village.
This is a book store and new and old as well as foreign books in many genres are proudly
selected by the owner Ms. Akemi Kawabata.

「I wish to advertise good books which had already been forgotten or not well known」

When she was working  as a librarian in a high school,
she happened to think to open her own book store and sell books
that she would select for special projects or seasons.
Then, she decided to try what she would really like to do in book related business.

「I wish to become a go-between of writers and readers with an unique idea, not just selling 
books in a store. I can not stock many books like a big book store, however,
there must be a service that small town book store like mine can offer.」

So, I am always busy.
What kind of project could I invite many people?
How could I make people to be more interested in books?
She is planning a Book Reading with live music,
exhibition of the original illustrations of books
and other exciting events where writers and readers have a chance to meet.

「I am so thrilled when I am thinking of future events」

She looked so happy saying so and I could understand that the owner Ms.Kawabata likes people.
She likes to make people happy and whenever she finds something exciting,
she can not help telling it to people around her.
To tie people to people is a good point of OMAR BOOKS. 

There is a heavy looking sofa by the window.
Many customers sit down on this sofa and leisurely look for interesting books for themselves.

Ms. Kawabata normally works back of a counter table from where she could look over the whole store.
She would like customers to take a good time and look at books as they please.
However, she would like to stay in a short distance to assist them whenever they need.
Keeping this distance  could be  one of the reasons for customers to stay comfortably here.

As another good service of this store, the owner Ms. Kawabata selects and suggests some books
for customers when they ask her the books they feel like reading.

Tourists visiting Okinawa sometimes come by the store and ask
「Are there any books I can enjoy reading while travelling or staying on the beach? 」

「In such a case, I recommend a book that they would feel happy and have a good impression
after reading. I wish such nice memories to stay in their mind for a long time together with
the scenes where they read the book. 」

There are also requests from tourists to select some interesting books with their favourite themes 
in prior to their arrival in Okinawa . When they arrive in Okinawa,
they come by the store and receive the books.

This is another way of enjoying travelling and I feel so thrilled only by listening to the story.
I asked Ms. Kawabata to select a book for me before I leave the store. 

I requested a book about「I can be reminded of something very precious but I tend to overlook. 」

She looked around the store and chose a book without any hesitation , then gave it to me.

「Good Bookstore Clerk」

「Your ideas toward your job might change when you read this book,
the job is different but you might be realized of many things in doing your own job tasks. 」

I am quite surprised, because I never thought that she would select a book about a job (smile).

However, it is a nice meeting with a book I would never select by myself.

You can get such a nice surprise only at OMAR BOOKS.

I am looking forward to reading the book.
I try leisurely to read this book.

Address/Aza Shimabukuro 309 1F, Kita Nakagusuku

◇ Future events ◇

【Mathematics Concert & Book talk Special】
November 22 (Sat), 23 (Sun)
Lecture by Independent Analyst Mr. Morita
Funny entertainment for learning !
Just like listening to a smart Rakugo(Japanese comic storytelling).

【Holy Night and Book Store】
December 13 (Sat) ~ 25 (Thu)
Exhibition of drawing works by illustrator Ms. Maiko Matsusakae
Books for Christmas are also selected and exhibited.

Above events will be held at OMAR BOOKS.
For more detail, please check their blog.

Okinawa CLIP Photo writer by Ms. Ono