Okinawa Tourism Information:Youfeelexcitedatawell-establishedbakeryinKoza.Let’sfindyourfavoriteoneat“Zazou.”

You feel excited at a well-established bakery in Koza. Let’s find your favorite one at “Zazou.”

post : 2015.03.05 18:00

“BOULANGERIE Zazou PATISSERIE” located at the corner on Gate Street in Koza is a full-fledged bakery and café established in 1989. 

The bakery has a quality and warm atmosphere that reminds us of a sophisticated patisserie in Paris, which makes bread even fresher.

Whether you like bread or not, you will feel excited when you open the door.♪

Different types of customers including local repeat customers, tourists, foreign residents, etc. come to the bakery continuously.  The Zazou is always crowded with customers.  You might be afraid that their shelves are empty after peak times in the afternoon.  Please don’t worry about it!  Freshly-baked bread fills the shelves one after another.

The best charm of the Zazou is a variety of excellent items.

Mainly selling hard bread of which they were the early developer in Okinawa when they opened their shop, they have a variety of pretty bread such as croissant, Danish, scorns, etc.  In addition to that, take-out items like delicatessens and baked sweets are available! 

They, of course, have routine items, but most of them are sold on a day-to-day rotating basis, so every day you see a wide variety of bread are sold. (Sometimes, I see bread whose name I have never heard before.)  Every bread give out fresh, enchanting smell to excite our appetite. 

Every time seriously I have a difficulty in what to choose.
Today I would like to introduce two items which using local ingredients of Okinawa.

For “Okinawan smoked ham and Maribo cheese sandwich (486 yen, tax included),” they use their specialty baguette (spread with Takachiho butter and Frenchmoutarde de Dijon) to sandwich the top quality Okinawan smoked ham and quality Danish Maribo cheese.  The hearty sandwich is so filling!

The more you bite, the more your mouth is filled with the savory flavor.  This is a quality sandwich originated from the original hard baguette bread.

For “Okinawan sausage and vegetable focaccia (324 yen, tax included),” they bake focaccia with basil flavor together with rich-taste, Okinawan sausage and vegetables like potato, green pepper, olive, corn.  This is a brand new item in this winter!

The natural flavor of each vegetable melts in cheese, which increases savory flavor.  Soft focaccia makes the flavor something you never get tired of.

Also you don’t want to miss routine items which have been loved by repeat customers.

“Maple and chestnut scorn (162 yen, tax included)” is popular for the perfect combination of sweetish maple and roasted chestnuts.

You might want to buy “Sho Wasanbon pretzel (108 yen, tax included)” as one more small item as it has a slightly sweet taste because of using plenty of Okinawan refined sugar.    

The great-granddaddy of them all is “Danish gift box (1,296 yen, tax included)”!
A package of gorgeous-looking 12 Danishes of 6 kinds including raspberry, apples, etc. is perfect for a casual gift. 

It would be nice to have their bread on the beach for branch, or to take out to eat it in the car, or savor their lunch-only menu or coffee at the eat-in counter.  You can use the Zazou in your favorite style.  The Zazou will surely bring additional excitement to your trip to Okinawa!


Address: 2-15-1 Chuou, Okinawa City, Okinawa
TEL: 098-934-2380
Opening Hours: 10:00〜19:00
Closed on Tuesdays
Free Parking Available (behind the shop)

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)