Okinawa Tourism Information:Patisier,Mr.MitsuruMiyaguniproducesacakeshopwhichbringsyoudoublejoy“JoieJoie”

Patisier, Mr. Mitsuru Miyaguni produces a cake shop which brings you double joy “Joie Joie”

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The owner and patissier of Joie Joie, Mr. Mitsuru Miyaguni tried to become a professional patissier 25 years ago, when he was 20 years old.

Each petit gateau sparkles beautifully like jewel. 

“When I was working in a French cuisine restaurant, I had a piece of cake with full of fruit made by my senior, which was surprisingly delicious!  I was wondering it was only me, but I saw customers on the floor savoring the cake so deliciously.  With just one bite, the cake made customers so happy.  I felt I witnessed the ultimate goal of food industry.”

After that, he started a training at a famous cake shop in Kanagawa, so he lived in the Tokyo area until he was 38 years old.  When he came back his home town, Okinawa 7 years ago, Mr. Miyaguni continued baking cakes at a high-class resort hotel.  

He was born in Naha, but opened Joie Joie and started living in Yomitan Village after returning to Okinawa. He said, “It is because I wanted to raise my child in a good environment with good people around when I have a child in the future.”

Joie is a French word meaning “joy.”  He used two “Joie” because of his wish “Joy should be shared by two persons, not by alone.”

He had a child two years ago, and he decided to open his own shop because “I want to work as I feel my child near me.”  He has been trying to make sweets valuing ingredients including egg, flour, and sugar because “I want to bake sweets which I can let my child eat without worries.”

Yomitan Village is a popular area among people who moved from outside of Okinawa since this village has places of scenic beauty and cultural sites such as Yachimun (pottery) Village, Zakimi Castle, Cape Zampa, etc.

Small particular shops were opened here and there in the village, and people have a very strong, warm connection with each other in this community.

Vegetables for quiche are from SOLFA Community (in Kitanakagusuku Village), which runs organic agriculture to revitalize the employment services for the disabled

The relationship with the SOLFA Community makes Joie Joie even more attractive.

Eggs which he praises a great deal as “eggs with overflowing power are different from others” are from free-range chickens in Yomitan Village.   

For sugar, instead of refined white sugar or granuated sugar, he uses cane sugar which is rich in mineral and is as close to natural as possible.  

In addition, he uses organic lemon from Yomitan, fava beans miso made by a local elderly lady, etc., which shows his wish “I want to contribute for the local community to become a fantastic place.”

Wares for serving to customers at the café space are custom-made by a pottery studio “Hifumi,” whose artist trained in Yomitan Village.  For the floor, he used waste red tiles.   His friends and family and relatives all helped flooring the tiles.  For the walls, he used diatom earth and plaster, which are from outside of Okinawa, though.

Just like ingredients for sweets, he selected materials as natural as possible.

“I would like our customers who come from far to take a relaxing time.”
He prepared the eat-in space.
This is a very important space for him as he sometimes gets a helpful hint from conversation with a customer sitting here.

You would like to enjoy petit gateau like gems with someone special on a special occasion, baked confectionery has soft-baked color…every sweets of Miyaguni-san that you enjoy in a space with full of blessings of nature and the warmth of a strong connection among the local people has no precious taste but natural deliciousness.

“I cannot reach the taste of the fruit cake made by my senior yet.  I just started my business, and I would like to use more local ingredients,” Miyazato-san smiled briskly.

I believe he makes more people smile as he shares so much joys with friends in Yomitan Village.

Patisserie JoieJoie326

Address: Higa Apt. 1F, 1094, Sobe, Yomitan Village, Nakagami County, Okinawa
TEL: 098-989-7326
Opening Hours: 10:00-19:00
Closed on Thursdays

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Aya Asakura