Okinawa Tourism Information:EnjoycraftworkofOkinawaatCraftworkExhibit“Igimitiguma”Aweekenddrivetothevillageoflongevity!

Enjoy craftwork of Okinawa at Craftwork Exhibit “Igimitiguma” A weekend drive to the village of longevity!

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The early April in Okinawa, when we gradually have days with daytime temperature of over 25℃, is in the middle of urizun (early summer) when we can live most comfortably in the year.  With comfortable breeze and good summer feeling, it is best time for driving now.

As your destination for drive, I would like to recommend Ogimi Village, which is well-known for the village of longevity.  In the paddies in Kijoka, which is known for the village of Bashofu,” flowers called okurareruka welcome its best as well as the craftwork exhibit “Igimitiguma” is held now, so you can find a terrific bargain and meet characteristic craftwork artists.

“Igimi” in “Igimitiguma” is the old name of Ogimi, and “Tiguma” means “be good hands.”  The craftwork exhibit welcomes the 12th anniversary this year, and 15 workshops which are active mainly in Ogimi Village sell their products at the exhibit.  In addition to that, “Emi no Mise,” which is famous for longevity food, a blue sky coffee shop “KIZAHA,” which offers coffee made in Kijoka, and “Lima Tapioka Sand,” whose sandwiches with unique texture have a good reputation, join this event.

At the venue, you can enjoy meeting a variety of artists from Ryukyu lacquerware, which is one of the Okinawan traditional handcrafts to silk-screen printing workshop.  For example, Maeda Lacquerware Workshop offers products with original colors and motifs of starry sky and rabbits in the moon other than traditional motifs.

This is “Yo Workshop,” where artists hand-weave strings dyed with colors made from Ryukyuan indigo, an Okinawan specialty product.  The shop offers new products including hair accessories, key holders, Smart Phone cases, etc. and small items with reasonable prices.

And on top of that, there are hands-on experience classes in the venue.  You can try making “my chopsticks” with shikuwasa tree (500 yen), or try silk screen painting (2,000 yen for print on T-shirt).  It would be fun to experience as a couple or with family.

My strong recommendation among all the workshops that join the event for the first time this year is the craftwork of KITTA-san, whose pale soft colors attracts your eyes.

He creates his unique view of the world by using dyestuff from Okinawan indigenous plants.  

 “All the craftwork artists work in different places in the village thought they wanted to meet at least once a year to do something together.” 

That’s how this event started.  Every year new workers join regular participants and brings a different atmosphere each year, which attracts many repeat customers.

Through meeting community-based craftwork artists, please enjoy a relaxing time special to early summer of Okinawa.

Ogimi Craftwork Exhibit “Igimitiguma”

Period: Friday, April 3, 2015 to Sunday, April 6, 2015 / 10:00 to 18:00
     (10:00 to 17:00 on April 6)
Admission: Free
Venues: Ogimi Village Agricultural Village Environmental Improvement Center
     (320 Kijoka, Ogimi Village, Kunigami County)
     Ogimi Village Bashofu Hall (320 Kijoka, Ogimi Village, Kunigami County)

Host: Ogimi Craftwork Exhibit “Igimitiguma” Executive Committee
TEL: Ogimi Village Agricultural Village Environmental Improvement Center(0980-44-3672)
    Ogimi Village Bashofu Hall(0980-44-3033)

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Nobuya Fukuda

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