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Okinawan Asian cuisine restaurant overlooking the blue ocean gives you a taste of a little romantic adventure.

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Bansho Momotoan is located near a World Heritage Site Katsuren Castle Site, which is popular also as a sun rising spot.

When I opened the door to a white house standing on a hill overlooking the East China Sea, I was welcomed by rich aroma of spices in every Asian countries.

“Okinawan Asian Kitchen” is a concept of Momotoan.

The owner couple who have been traveling around Asian countries love delicious food.  Once they find an excellent food, they adopt it into their menu.  Also, they intoduce charms of pork, which is a representing food in Okinawa, in a variety styles of Okinawan menu. 

When you look down on the blue sea, you will feel the glorious days of Ryukyu's great trading era is reviving.   The ocean trading route went through all the way from India.  Thinking of the sparkling period, let's enjoy the harmony of Asian and Ryukyuan food.

First this is the southern Indian-style sea mackerrel curry and rice.

When you put it in the mouth, the sweet coconut flavor and refreshing citrus fruit flavor are mixed together.  You will feel so tropical immediately.

Next, this is soybean green curry and rice.

Instead of coconut milk in green curry of Thai cuisine, they use soymilk which is from making Okinawan tofu.  As a  hidden flavor, they use chopped shikuwasa leaves.  I want to give it high marks for my first impression on its fresh taste.

And this is "Momoto Set Meal."
You will enjoy soft-boiled, thin-sliced pork of Okinawa with Asian sauce together with fresh vegetable.
Fried garlic used as topping brings out the savory flavor of the pork.

This is rafutee (braised pork belly), which was a court cuisine during the Ryukyu Kingdom era.  The dish was selected as a "Ultimte osechi (traditional Japanese New Year foods)" for "47LUB," an online shopping site for delicious food throughout Japan.  

As the pork is very carefully prepared, it keeps its delicious-looking shape even after being stewed.
I was very impressed by the refreshing taste of fat literally melting in my mouth. 

BANSHO is a local company which is famous for its processed food using pork.
Pork miso, which is one of famous food in Okinawa, is suitable for your souvenir.

Speaking of a famous food in Okinawa, you might know "souki buni," which appeared in a film called "Kafu wo Machiwabite(Waiting for Happiness)"
It is a soup with pork spare rib and is called "honejiru (bone soup)."
The Momotoan serves Singaporean-style souki honejiru.
They seoson it with garlic and white pepper.
No wonder it has more Asian flavor than Okinawan honejiru.
But I was surprised to know that Singapore has the Okinawan famous dish.

Petit dessert menus for freshening your mouth change from season to season.
In winter, they serve "Kurogoma Shiruko (a red bean soup with black sesami flavor)."
Oshiruko with black sesami seed added by red bean creates a light sweetness.
Each lunch menu item comes with several small dishes such as "Soybean furufuru," which they use soymilk and tastes a little different from "jimami doufu," which is made from potato starch and liqued squeezd from peanuts, and "Shiro Kimuchi (spicy fermented cabbage)," etc.

These small dishes also show how carefully the owner prepares each dish.
If you pay additional 190 yen, you can enjoy petit dessert and drink.

When I enjoyed the Asian cuisine while viewing the sea of Okinawa,  I realized that the world is connected with each other beyond the ocean.   Everybody knows that, but it came to my mind.
The cafe on the hill gives you an opportunity of experiencing the Okinawa champuru (mixed up) culture. 

Bansho Momotoan

Address: 3211-7 Katsuren Haebaru, Uruma City, Okinawa
TEL: 098-923-0725
Opening Hours: 11:00~15:00
Closed on Wednesdays 

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Nobuya Fukuda