Okinawa Tourism Information:Plaisircakethattheownerhasbeenseekingeverybody’sfavoriteflavor

Plaisir cake that the owner has been seeking everybody’s favorite flavor

post : 2015.04.19 18:00

I would like to introduce Sweets Factory Plaisir, which opened on February 7 in Ojana, Ginowan City.

Every piece of cake that the owner, Mr. Fumio Aisu makes characteristically tastes familiar.  His cakes have been loved by the local people because he has been seeking gentle flavor for everybody from child to grandmas and grandpas to feel taste delicious.

Left: Beniimo cheesecake / Right: Edamame cheesecake

My strong recommended cake from Plaisir is Beniimo (purple-colored sweet potato) cheesecake.  Using plenty of beniimo from Yomitan Village, he makes this cake with a perfect combination of delicate flavor of the sweet potato and sweetness. 

To bring out the richness of cheese and beniimo, he puts the bowl of cheesecake filling in hot water to harden the filling slowly.  The cheesecake is mild and palatable.  In addition to that, the shop has Edamame (green soybean) cheesecake as well.

I asked Aisu-san about his passion for cake.   “My cake does not have to be too characteristic.  I just want my cake familiar to everybody.  I try to make sweets which make everybody feel relieved,” said Aisu-san.

Aisu-san moved to Okinawa from the Kansai region eight years ago.  He has an inherent like of cake, so his hobbies were baking cakes and visiting cake shops around.  I was surprised to know that he was an owner of Okinawa soba noodle shop as well as fisherman and farmer!

 “I loved visiting around cake shops and enjoying eating cakes as well as baking cakes by myself.  When I could not go out on the sea or on my days off, I baked cake and gave them away to fishing pals and neighbors.  Everybody loved my cake, saying “Yummy!  Yummy!  Why don’t you open your own shop?”  So I decided to make it my day job and opened this cake shop.”

Cube Chiffon

Aisu-san likes baking chiffon cake, too.  His chiffon cake that he is proud of is “Cube Chiffon,” whose pretty shape also pleases your eyes.  The cake has plenty of special whipped cream inside, and fluffy sponge cake and perfectly sweet cream are amazing.

The piece of Cube Chiffon is the size for two persons.  It would be recommended for couple or friends to share it.   

Left: Moist chocolate / Right: Fresh caramel mouse  

Unfortunately there is no space for enjoying his cake, but baked sweets like “Nut nougat tart,” which you can put in your mouth while driving a car.  You can bring his cake back to your accommodation to enjoy it.  It would be luxurious to enjoy a cake during your trip to Okinawa!

I feel a kind of power from Aisu-san’s cake, the power of making his customers smile.  Please enjoy Plaisir cake that everybody, of all ages and genders loves.


Address: 2-6-16 Ojana, Ginowan City, Okinawa
TEL: 098-955-5389
Opening Hours: 11:00〜20:00
Closed Irregularly

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Akari Matsumura

Other than “Plaisir,” Okinawa has more shops where you can enjoy delicious cake. 

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