Okinawa Tourism Information:Trainsruninthecafé“gyutto”intheforestwithabackgroundofhealinggreen.

Trains run in the café “gyutto” in the forest with a background of healing green.

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Izumi Town in the northern part of mainland Okinawa is famous as a home to tangerine.

In this town surrounded by a lush, green forest with bright sun-rays shining through trees, there is a café where trains run.

The name of the café is “café gyutto.”

The owner couple wishes the café to be a place with lots of fun where everybody, from children to adults and train lovers have a relaxing time with friends, families or as couples.

“Wow!”  You will get excited to see this view when you enter the shop.

Occupying the center of the café, miniature railroad model trains N gage run.

The owner, Morishita-san said, “Actually I tried to make it smaller, but my son kept nudging me to make it much bigger.”

But his decision was so right.  The view of the train running with a background of ray of sunshine sneaking between green trees swinging in the wind has become popular symbol of the cafe.    

The counter built in front of the model trains are special seats. 

While sitting here, you will enjoy watching trains running rhythmically with your narrowed eyes or be healed by lush green in the forest.

And on top of that, if you pay 500 yen, you can operate N gage for 20 minutes!
Also, you can bring in your own N gage and let it run for 500 yen for 20 minutes.  It is a very happy news for train lovers.

When I visited the café with my two sons, they got so excited that they leaned forward to operate the trains with sparkling eyes.  Especially boys love this kind of play! 

This café gives you an opportunity to see how your children show their excitement.

They also have seats in zashiki (a traditional Japanese-style room with tatami flooring), where you can feel green much closer to you and have a relaxed time with your legs stretched out. 

Menu items use a lot of Okinawan ingredients.

This is “gyutto-don,” which is a bowl dish of house made Okinawan pork char siu and seasonal vegetables topped over the rice.  Pork seasoned sweet and hot are simmered, and you will eat it with half-boiled egg.  Fragrant sesame flavor and crispy vegetable make this dish even more delicious.

Chinpin, a crape-like sweets of Okinawa with brown sugar flavor is served with fruits and ice cream.

“Nago coffee,” coffee beans from Okinawa is cultivated without using chemical fertilizers, is also recommended.  If you order a cup of coffee, as a service, they will let you grind the beans to a powder with coffee mill.♪ 

Your cocoa will be served with a cute late art, which brings you a happy smile.
Warmth of yachimun (Okinawan word meaning pottery) can help you wind down.

In addition, they have “salt-flavored ramen noodle” and “Island vegetable soba noodle” with plenty of seasonal vegetables are popular.  The dishes are excellent with Okinawan flavor as they use soup with “yukishio” powdered salt from Miyako Island and house made noodles by kneading dough of whole wheat from Ie Island.

Fascinated by the beautiful nature, the owner couple wished to live in Okinawa.
They made their dream come true on the land of Yanbaru.

This café is filled with fun things and delicious food produced by the couple.
Today again, they let trains run and welcome their customers with happy smiles.

cafe gyutto
Address: 1667‐1 Izumi, Motobu Town, Okinawa
Opening Hours: 11:00 to 17:00
TEL: 090‐1456‐8343
Closed Irregularly

 Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Akiko Ono