Okinawa Tourism Information:Behealedfrominsideandoutsideat“SunayamaCafé”inMiyakoIsland

Be healed from inside and outside at “Sunayama Café” in Miyako Island

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On the way to “Sunayama Beach,” which can be the best or the second best beach in Miyako Island, a stylish building will come into your sight.

“Sunayama Café,” which opened in 2009, provides a simple space with a motto of “handmade as much as possible” and heal your body and soul that worn out from marine sports and sunburn from inside and outside.

The shop is decorated in earth color tone, into which North European style interior goods are naturally fit.  Casual decoration such as sundry goods and house plants give you the warmth.  They prepared as few seats as necessary and leave enough space between seats.  It is very comfortable to be in such a spacious space.  On a day when you feel wind refreshing, it is fantastic to have a coffee break at the wood deck onto which sunshine fall through the trees. 

The most popular dish is “Miyako Beef Taco Rice, topped with Onsen tamago (Hot spring egg) (with soup)” (850 yen with tax included).  The main ingredient is minced meat of “Miyako Beef,” which is hardly found even among the local people.  They are proud of umami (savory flavor) spreading in the mouth with half-boiled egg.  A plenty of vegetables including tomatoes, lettuce, mizuna (potherb mustard) are crisp and fresh.  Of course, they try to stick to the concept of “chisan chisho (locally grown, locally eaten)” as much as possible.  A little spicy chili powder mixed with cheese increases the delicious taste.  With a large bowl of rice, “Miyako Beef Taco Rice” is a perfect lunch for summer when you need a stamina recharge!

Of course, after the meal, you need to check the dessert menu.  The special recommendation is “Freshly-baked waffle! (650 yen with tax included / With an order of meal or drink, it is 500 yen with tax included,) whose mild egg flavor makes the dessert great.  Hot, fluffy texture goes perfectly well with house made vanilla ice cream, and it is not heavy.  Also in summer, the staple dessert is “Miyako Zenzai (red bean soup) (500 yen with tax included)” using black azuki beans from Miyako Island. 

And one more thing that you don’t want to miss is “Brown Sugar Cappuccino (shown on the left of the photo / 450 yen with tax included).”  Specialty coffee bought from “CERRADO COFFEE” in mainland Okinawa brings you authentic flavor.  Syrup of brown sugar from Miyako Island bring out its potential flavor and gives more depth to its richness.  It's not too much to say that it is hard to find this high level quality of coffee in Miyako Island.  It is worth stopping by this café just for a cup of this coffee. 

“I wanted to build my shop on my own.”
Mr. & Mrs. Kakinuma moved from mainland Okinawa and made their dream come true.  The happily-married couple was so impressive with their fulfilled expressions. 

Sunayama Cafe

Address: 655-2 Nikadori, Hirara, Miyajima City, Okinawa
TEL: 0980-79-0550
Opening Hours: 11:30 to 18:00
Closed on Tuesdays

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer   Kiwamu Ogawa

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