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White Beach Sprint Triathlon 2015

post : 2015.04.26 18:00

A unique triathlon event, in which both the local people and U.S. soldiers could participate, was held at White Beach on April 19.   White Beach is a U.S. military facility with beautiful white sand beach, which is located at the tip of Katsuren Peninsula.  It is open to the public only on the day of Open Gate Festival, which is held once a year, and sporting events like this.

This was the first time for the event, so the number of participants was 61, which is not so many.  Japanese competitors said to each other “Let’s do our best!” while local participants said to foreign ones “Good Job!  Be Win!”  It was impressive to see that they transcend nationality and understand each other through sport!

The sprint distance is half the distance of Olympic distance: 0.75km swim, 20km bike, and 5 km run, which is rather easy for even for beginners to try.

It was still in mid April, but this is Okinawa.  On the event day, the water was warm and competitors were not so many, so everybody swam comfortably.  It was sprinkling, but the cool weather instead of the brilliantly sunny one was better for competitors. 

As for the biking portion, competitors had to bike five rounds of a road that has a high vertical interval, so they need a tremendous power.  They biked briskly along the road, surrounded by the lush green forest.

“Shower of nature” pleasantly cools down the heated bodies of the bikers.   

During the final part of the event, the running portion, it rained hard, but the running course along the beach provided the runners beautiful landscape, so they could run comfortably. 

Finally all the participants completed the entire course!!!

Everybody hugged one another with a refreshed smile, and strangers cared for each other.   It is very pleasant to witness that sport connects people to people.

White Beach Sprint Triathlon is to be held regularly from now on.  If you have confidence in your physical strength, it must be stimulating to compete with U.S. soldiers, who get good training usually!?

White Beach Sprint Triathlon 2015

Venue: White Beach, Uruma City, Okinawa
Event Day: Sunday, April 19, 2015
Participation Fee: 5250 yen
The triathlon is open to anyone age 16 or older. 

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