Okinawa Tourism Information:Okinawantimegoesbyslowly.Marketcafé〜naminami〜inItoman,Fishermen’sTown

Okinawan time goes by slowly. Market café〜naminami〜in Itoman, Fishermen’s Town

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The simple public market remains in Itoman, Fishermen’s Town.  Time goes by slowly at a café “Machiguwa café naminami” around the corner of the market.  It has been nine years since the café opened.

The atmosphere of the café has been completely blended into the business of the market.  Now ojii (elderly gentleman), obaa (elderly lady), niinii (young gentleman), neenee (young lady) come and go for enjoying lunch and having a relaxed time.

The owner, Mr. Yukio Sakai loves traveling, and his shop is decorated with sundries he has collected during his trips to Nepal, Bali, and Malaysia, etc., which touches the heart of a traveler.  He provides lunch plates using Okinawan ingredients and good seasonings of each of Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine.  You can choose one of four kinds of plates: “Okinawan meat,” ”Fish caught in the sea around,” ”Raw tuna,” and “All of three kinds”  Each plate comes with five kinds of side dishes using lots of vegetables, a soup, brown rice, drink, and house made gelato.  This filling plate will satisfy you very much.

 “Raw Tuna Plate” is prepared using fresh nakaochi* bought from the neighboring “Anmaa Market.”  He seasons it with two kinds: a Japanese-style wasabi (grated horse radis) shoyu (soy sauce) and a Hawaiian poki (avocado, rock salt, and herb).  Isn’t it luxurious to eat freshly caught tuna by Itoman fishermen just next to the café?

* nakaochi: left-over flesh on the spine of a fish

He wants to treasure the connection of the people he sees face to face, so he buys dried products and beans from the market.  He makes dressing, ponzu (citrus based sauce) sauce, mayonnaise by himself.  He tries to use Okinawan ingredients as much as possible, not only meat and fish but also vegetables, potatoes, mushrooms, eggs, sugarcane sugar, brown sugar.  Such time and effort produces the result that his customers can enjoy each freshly-prepared food in a clean building yet the delicious taste makes you feel at home.

Many people visit Itoman for Peace Memorial Park and Himeyuri Peace Memorial Museum, but this café is also a fantastic place which you can call “peace itself.”  If you are looking for a chillaxing place, please visit Itoman Public Market, and café naminami!  The menu items for a meat plate and a fish plate changes every week, so if you would like to know it exactly, please check the blog before you go there.  Please note that you can enjoy plates of naminami at a handmade event in the market, “Chimu Chimu Market (held every 4th Sunday of odd-numbered month),” which has lasted for three years.   

Machiguwa cafe  naminami

Address: 989-83 Aza-Itoman, Itoman City, Okinawa
TEL: 070-5532-0503
Opening Hours: 11:30 to 16:00
Closed on Sundays & Mondays

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Aya Asakura

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