Okinawa Tourism Information:May8is“DayofGoya”.Wouldyouliketoeatthem?Orwearthem??

May 8 is “Day of Goya”. Would you like to eat them? Or wear them??

post : 2015.05.09 19:00

The left on the photo shows “sandal” of a brand called Voconvo convo.  This goya sandal looks so remarkably like goya (bitter gourd) that we cannot tell which is real, can’t we?

In addition to green, which is a common color of goya, the sandals come in orange, pink and white. 

The most popular color is, as I expected, green, but when I try them on, white also fits right.  The goya sandals are so fashionable that they are popular among ladies.  Why don’t you wear them stylishly?

For your information, actually white goya does exist!  Have you ever seen them?

It is called “abashi goya,” and softer and less bitter than green goya.
Even in Okinawa, the abashi goya is rare, so I think many people have never seen them.

Well, let me go back to the goya sandals.  The nodules on the sandals stimulate acupressure points on the foot in a comfortable way, so just wearing them provides health benefits.

Please use them as a barometer for maintaining a good health.♪
Eat goya, and you will be healthy.  Wear goya sandals, and you will be healthy, as well!
Goya is such a wonderful vegetable.  Okinawan people are very pound of goya♪

In this summer, why don’t you wear goya sandals to run on a white sand beach while enjoying the gorgeous sea in Okinawa?

You can buy goya sandals at some souvenir stores along Kokusai-dori Street or  Okinawa Souvenir Section at Hapinaha, which is a new tourism spot on Kokusai-dori Street.

Please note that you cannot find them at supermarkets nor vegetable section at public markets.

Voconvo convo Goya Sandal

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  0173 (Reina Chinen)