Okinawa Tourism Information:Whenmanydeigo,anofficialflowerofOkinawaPrefecture,bloomfully,manytyphoonsapproachOkinawathatyear???

When many deigo, an official flower of Okinawa Prefecture, bloom fully, many typhoons approach Okinawa that year???

post : 2015.05.13 19:00

After the typhoon went through Okinawa, the sun started shining on us!  By the way, we have a flower associated with a typhoon in Okinawa.  It is a deigo (Indian coral bean) flower, which is an official flower of Okinawa Prefecture.

Why do you think deigo flowers have something to do with typhoons?

Now it is a season of urizun (early summer) in Okinawa.   Deigo flowers are in bloom around this time of the year, and it has been said that the more deigo bloom, the more typhoons come to Okinawa that year.”

Actually people can forecast if the year will be a bonanza year for typhoons according to how much deigo flowers bloom.

Is it a superstition?  Or can the local people tell from their experiences for a long time?  We are not sure which is true, but they consider deigo as a flower to forecast typhoon occurrence for the year since the old times.  (We can say that both of deigo and typhoons have been so familiar to Okinwan people from a long time ago.)

There is a song about the relationship of deigo to typhoon, which has been famous throughout the nation.  It is a signature piece for THE BOOM, “Shimauta (Song of the Island).”  The song starts with “Deigo no hana ga saki, Kaze wo yobi Arashi ga kita (Many deigo flowers are in full bloom, the flowers bring wind and a typhoon comes.) .”♪

This song has been said to consider typhoon as the battle of Okinawa.  As typhoons give a good effect of reducing overrising temperature of the oceans, it is not just a bad guy for corals and marine life.  We cannot make typhoon a bad guy like the war, but we don’t want a typhoon affect itineraries for tourists.  We would be grateful if it is just a superstition, wouldn’t we?

These pictures were taken during the Golden Week this year.  Do you think they look full bloom?

This year, a deigo tree which usually blooms fully had few flowers, so I had to look for another place for the photos.

That means we do not have much affect from typhoons this year, doesn’t it?

Okinawan people live with such a nature, but Okinawa in the early summer with few typhoons is waiting for you to come!!

The photos were taken along Highway 58 in Ogimi Village, Kunigami County, Okinawa 

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Hiroshi Kuwamura (KUWA)