Okinawa Tourism Information:At“The22ndHanejiDamKoinoboriFestival,”let’senjoyarelaxingholidayasthelocalpeopledo!

At “The 22nd Haneji Dam Koinobori Festival,” let’s enjoy a relaxing holiday as the local people do!

post : 2015.05.19 19:00

“The 22nd Haneji Dam Koinobori Festival” was held at the lakeside of Haneji Dam (Taira in Nago City) and its surrounding for two days on Saturday, May 2 and Sunday, May 3, which is the beginning of the latter half of the Golden Week, about 400 carp streamers were flying in the sky of Yanbaru (the mountainous northern part of Okinawa) full of energy.

The event was hosted by the executive committee, which mainly consists of the Commerce and Tourism Section of Nago City.  It is an annual festival mainly by the local people and held to pray for a healthy growth of children.

Shuttle services are available from Haneji Community Center nearby to the main venue, so access is smooth!  Mainly visitors came with their families, including many foreign visitors.  Most of visitors are from Okinawa, so you can feel a laid-back atmosphere unique to Okinawa. 

In Okinawa, early summer is called “urizun.”  In the urizun season, how refreshing it is to see countless carp streamers flying in comfort with a background of lush nature of northern Okinawa!

You can feel a fresh wet smell from lush forest and dam lakes special to the north, which you cannot experience at any carp streamer festivals in other areas.

During the festival period, various of events add more excitement to the event, such as handmade carp streamers contest, catch-an-eel game, exploration of living creatures in Haneji Okawa River, Haneji Dam facility tour, parent & child program for handmade toy, canoe lessons, etc.   

In addition, at a multi-purpose field, which is a main venue, a special stage was set up for a variety of performances mainly played by the local people, such as senior high school musician band performance, eisa dance, karaoke contest, etc.  The locally-grown vegetables are sold as well as there were various food booths, which are a must for festivals.  Always busy-fathers, only for that day, enjoyed beer comfortably under the blue sky. 

For the Golden Week next year, why don’t you surround yourself with the beautiful nature special to northern Okinawa and delightful smiles of the locals?  I am sure that you can spend relaxing holidays far away from crowds of tourists and a heavy traffic jam.

The 22nd Haneji Dam Carp Streamers Festival

Time Period: Saturday, May 2, 2015 and Sunday, May 3, 2015
Hours: 10:00 to Evening (17:30 departure of last shuttle bus)
Venue: Haneji Dam lakeside and its surrounding (Nago City)
Host: Haji Dam Carp Streamers Executive Committee
TEL: 0980-53-1212(Commerce and Tourism Section, Nago City (Ext. 140))

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word) 

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