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The best beach on Yagachi Island!

post : 2015.05.23 19:00

Yagachi Island of Nago City is an island connected to Kouri Island by Kouri Ohashi Bridge, whose blue waters are beautiful.  On Yagachi Island, Yagachi Beach and Sumuide Beach are famous, but I would like to introduce you the best beach on the island in this article!

The above photo was taken at the center of the island, and you can see a small islet called “Upuishi.”  If you walk down toward the Upuishi, you can find “Minshuku Yagachi-So,” in front of which, there is a beach that I would like to recommend.

The beach has no shower facilities, so it is recommended that you reserve a room at the minshuku, and enjoy around the beach to your heart’s content.  For staying Minshuku Yagachi-so, which stands just in front of the sea, you will pay 3,300 yen for one night with no meals, and 5,000 yen for one night with breakfast and dinner.  Even if you do not stay there, they can let you use a shower for 300 yen.

Next to the minshuku, there is a parking lot, beyond which, the turquoise blue sea spreads out before your eyes.  While spending time in a leisurely fashion in the peaceful Sumuide Community on Yagachi Island, you can go to the sea or enjoy walking around at any time you like.

On the way from the minshuku to the sea, there is a ramada.  It has the same atmosphere as the minshuku, and the shisa guardian lion dog stands on the roof.  When you get tired from playing, this is a perfect place for taking a rest.  You feel a comfortable breeze in the shade. 

And this is the beach just in front of the minshuku.  Look at the very transparent waters!   They say that it is a beautiful shoaling beach along the feminine sea.  Even when they have the rough weather, the waters are calm.  

The islet that can be seen far is the Upuishi.  It is said that the Upuishi is a symbolic place as well as a sacred place of this area

This is the whole view of the beach.  I chose this beach because it has few people.  To oversimplify just a bit, it is like a private beach and a best-kept secret spot!

In March of 2015, the repair work for sand beach was completed, and it has new sand now.  The refreshed white sand beach stretches out for about 1 km.  

You can collect shells or just enjoy gazing at gorgeous waters at the sand beach.  I am sure that you can have a gentle time. 

In addition to the ramada, there is a deck for taking a rest, so you can cool yourself in the shade.  You can lie down, lie on your back to look at the blue sky, or take a nap.

Around the entrance to the beach, you can find a mascot dog of the minshuku, trees of Kuwadiisaa (Terminalia catappa or Sea Almond) of Sumuide, and the stone monument which is inscribed with Ryuka (traditional Okinawan poem).

“Sumuide Churajimaya
Shimauchuki Churasa
Ufuishimui Kusate
Baba Meenachi.”

The poem seems to extoll the beauty of the Sumuide Community.  The Sumuide Community has places whose beauties have remained unchanged from a long time ago.

Why don’t you spend time in a leisurely fashion at the beach of the community where the original landscapes of Okinawa still remain?

Minshuku Yagachi-So

Address: 260 Sumuide, Nago City, Okinawa
TEL: 0980-52-8533

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Okinawa CLIP Phot Writer Hiroshi Kuwamura (KUWA)