Okinawa Tourism Information:Shiningwiththecolorsofthesettingsun!ASunflowerFieldinFullBloom!

Shining with the colors of the setting sun! A Sunflower Field in Full Bloom!

post : 2013.07.19 13:00

In Haebaru Town, Okinawa in the middle of a residential area, one can suddenly see a field of sunflowers. It is one of the hidden treasures of Okinawa.
On a half acre of land (approximately 2000m²), there are about 25,000 flowers in full bloom.
The best time to see these flowers would be around the 20th of July, this month.
Why don't you check out a sunflower field that was grow in the Okinawan sun?
Location: Miyahira, Haebaru Town, Okinawa Prefecture

Contact Info
Town Development Promotion Office, Haebaru Town Office
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Miyahira, Haebaru Town, Okinawa Prefecture