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“Real Luxury” I enjoyed at “Pension Yonahadake” in Yanbaru

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As you know, there are many fantastic, best-kept secrets that have not been known among tourists yet in the northern mountainous part of mainland Okinawa.  Among all the spots, Kunigami Village in the northernmost part of Okinawa has the highest mountain in mainland Okinawa, “Yonaha dake” peak, which is 503m and a nature paradise with unspoiled virgin forests.

On the hillside, you can find “Pension Yonahadake,” which is located next to “Kunigami Village Forest Park,” that is popular with visitors with families.  The pension is a long-established one which started since 1890.

What surprises you is a vast site of 8,000 tsubo (about 26446㎡).  At a multi-purpose ground at the center of the site, you can enjoy camping, campfire, and firework.  In addition to that, you can savor various kinds of flowers throughout the year such as hikanzakura (Taiwan cherry) in early spring, azalea in spring, and iju (a family of camellia) in early summer, etc.

It is a long-established pension, but wooden cottages for accommodation were additionally built in 2011 and still new!  The warmth of wood makes you feel comfortable and brings you a sense of ease.  The maximum capacity of one small room (18㎡) is 5 persons.  The room has two beds as well as five sets of futon (Japanese-style bedding), so you feel easy when you come with children.  Of course, it is furnished with refrigerator and air conditioning, you can stay comfortably in summer, too.

Shared showers and a kitchen are in the main building of the annex.  The main building has a larger room which can accommodate up to 20 persons.

Meals are provided on a reservation basis.  “Local Cuisine Course” is 2,000 yen or more per person.  It has been well received as the course are prepared in a good balance, using mainly locally-grown vegetables, fish in season, meat, etc.  If you would like to enjoy BBQ, you can rent a BBQ set free of charge, and ingredients are sold on a reservation basis.  It will be perfect that you can come empty-handed and enjoy outdoor dinner!  Please note that you can stay upon your visit if there is a vacancy, but it is crowded during the season, so it would be recommended to make a reservation earlier.

By the way, the Yonahadake has several trekking courses other than the forest park.  From the foot of the mountain, I enjoyed some walk on the course which provides comfortable shades of trees even in summer.

The forest of Yanbaru has rain forests, which is rare in a subtropical region.  Especially the area around the top of the Yonahadake tends to be covered in a fog throughout the year, so the humidity within the forest always maintains high percentages.  Under the environment, you can enjoy endemic species of the subtropical region such as pteridophyte like “Hikagehego (flying monkey fern plant)” and indeciduate perennials like “Kuwazuimo (Alocasia odora or giant upright elephant ear)”.

Of course you might be able to find a variety of life such as endemic species of insects, unique birds, reptiles, amphibians, etc.  When I looked up, I found “Kinoboritokage (Ryukyu tree lizard)” sticking to the tree very quietly as if it were holding its breath. 

It is fascinating to enjoy a splendid view of East China Sea from the observatory which is 280m above sea level.  Sometimes you can see Okuma Community along the seacoast before you, Kouri Island and Iejima Tacchu several km ahead west.  An overwhelmingly stunning vista which is not blocked by anything is absolutely touching!  Of course when the weather is good, the sky is covered with full of stars.

This is a very special and only one environment that you can find only in the northern mountainous area of mainland Okinawa.  I felt like learning what a real luxury was. 

Pension Yonahadake

Address: 2040-101 Okuma, Kunigami Village, Kunigami County, Okinawa
TEL: 0980-41-2646
Fee: 15.000 yen (including tax) for one night in one room
*A maximum capacity of one room is 5 persons.
(When 6 or more persons need to stay in one room, please contact them.)
Check-in and Check-out time: 15:00 / 10:00

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)

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