Okinawa Tourism Information:Aletterandaflavorlovedformorethanahundredyears"ThefamousNoManjuofShuri"

A letter and a flavor loved for more than a hundred years "The famous No Manju of Shuri"

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The shop with a hundred years history "Gibo Manju", located in Shuri Kubagawa in Naha City, Okinawa.
This is the shop where "The famousNo Manju of Shuri" are sold.
The "No Manju" are steamed buns with a white exterior and a the red Japanese letter "No".
This stands for "Noshi" (origami decoration for celebratory gifts) and it is appreciated as a gift for luck.

These buns are famous and well known by the locals.
The aroma of the getto (shell ginger) that comes out when removing the wrapping is a very special characteristic.
The red bean filling is not too sweet and it can be eaten by people who don't really like overly sweet foods, as it is very mild.

When buying them, you are asked "Do you want the 'no' on them?" and if you answer affirmatively, they write it in front of you.
I, as an Okinawan, was very excited when seeing such a rare scene!

The "No Manju" distributed in celebrations are normally cold already.l
I highly recommend the freshly made, still warm "No Manju" of "Gibo Manju"!
Freshly made buns will always be better.

A letter and a flavor loved for more than a hundred years "The famous No Manju of Shuri"

Even if there isn't a celebration at the time, its mild nostalgic flavor will bring happiness to those who eat them.

Gibo Manju
Address: 2-109-1 Shurikubagawacho, Naha-shi
Telephone number: 098-884-1764
Operating hours: 9:00 until selling out.
Closed day: Sunday.

(Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Taiki Gushiken)


2-109-1 Shurikubagawacho, Naha-shi