Okinawa Tourism Information:Acaféwithastunningvista,Ploughman`sLunchBakeryispopularamongthelocalsandtourists!

A café with a stunning vista, Ploughman`s Lunch Bakery is popular among the locals and tourists!

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After climbing up the stairs, green grass opens up before you on the higher ground.  Beyond housings and buildings in Ginowan City below your eyes, you can view the horizon and the blue sea.  In such a refreshing, comfortable place stands a very popular bakery café “Ploughman`s Lunch Bakery” among the locals as well as tourists.

When entering a foreign residence covered with vines, you feel as if you came to a bakery in the country in a European country, which is sophisticated yet makes you feel the warmth and comfort.  It shows a calm character of the owner, Yabu-san.  Renovated in May, the interior of the café became a little simple, and the new lunch menu items mainly include open sandwiches. 

The term “Ploughman’s Lunch” is a familiar British lunch for a farmer, which includes simple bread sandwiching cheese, etc. Open sandwich menu includes a sandwich made of freshly-baked bread by the owner, Yabu-san and plenty of crispy, fresh vegetables.  Simple-looking bread is glutinous yet very light and easy to eat.  A potage of carrot and tomato is excellent for its sweet and sour taste. 

Avocado sandwiches have special salsa sauce mixed well with avocado spread sprinkled with crushed almond and Turkish chili powder, which gives a perfect additional flavor.

About 12 kinds of bread are available at 10AM, and some customers come here to buy them and others buy them for a small gift after enjoying lunch in the café.  Sometimes in the afternoon, all the bread is sold out very quickly.  They use mainly organic ingredients and commit to use ingredients from carefully chosen production areas.  However, they value “deliciousness” rather than pursue the best

Yabu-san used to be involved in designing, but as he was doing different jobs in order to save money to move overseas, he became wanted to have a place for people to gather and for him to collect information from them while transmitting the information.  Then, he decided to open a shop.  First he ran the business working with a baker, who; however, became independent, so Yabu-san started to bake bread on his own since about two years ago.

“I studied the half by myself, so I don’t follow the theory to bake bread so much.  When I think it would be delicious, I will adopt the idea that any bakers who have learned for a long time won’t use it.  I like try experiments like this,” he said.

“Why I changed the menu when I renovated the shop is because I wanted to keep making new items by trying different variations of bread and ingredients in an open sandwich style instead of making the same items in a lunch plate every day.”

Yabu-san, who used to do designing, worked on the inside of the shop and the interior decoration.  His sense and his view of the world show in his meals.  He loves selecting high-quality, great-flavored coffee, and he sometimes purchase coffee beans from a famous coffee shop in Okinawa, so you can enjoy a relaxing coffee time in his café.

This is a special café so that you can understand many tourists want to come to Okinawa for this café.

Ploughman`s Lunch Bakery

Address: 927-2 Adaniya,Kitanakagusuku Village Okinawa
TEL: 098-979-9097
Opening Hours: 8:00 to 16:00
Closed on Wednesdays

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Sandy

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