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Elevated coral cliff of Cape Manza

post : 2013.11.28 16:00

Sticking out from Onna Village on the East China Sea, Cape Manza is a superb site where you can enjoy a spreading deep-blue scenery and feel the magnificence of planet earth!
It is such a great feeling to enjoy a pleasant sea breeze while looking across the splendid scenery from the elevated coral cliff and the meadow that spreads across its top.

The name of Cape Manza comes from when the Ryukyuan king Sho Kei visited in the beginning of the 18th century and he praised the place by saying “Man nin ga zasuru ni taru ke” (the field where a thousand men can sit).

Across the elevated coral cliff spreads a natural meadow, and you can feel the magnificence of nature in this expansive space. The vegetation covering the surroundings is  designated as a prefectural natural monument called “Cape Manza Limestone Plant Community."
The place is also famous because if you look at the elevated coral from the boardwalk, it looks just like an elephant trunk.

I recommend visiting this place, as coral reef spreads around Cape Manza which allows you to see a colorful and beautiful Okinawa feeling sea.
According to the time and weather, this beautiful scenery offers various color shades.
It is has breathtaking beauty.

On the  beachside of Manza you can see a “Meoto Iwa" (lit. man-and-wife rock, two rocks joined by a heavy rope that celebrates the union in marriage).
It must be a good omen!

Please visit Cape Manza feel the magnificence of planet earth!

Okinawa CLIP Photowriter Reina Chinen(0173)


Cape Manza