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Rules to Cite the Contents on Okinawa CLIP

post : 2013.05.14 00:00

To cite images, movies, contents and others from our website, please observe the following rules.

1.Use “ ” for the cited parts.

Make sure to clarify the cited link and parts for readers.

2.Specify and link URL of the cited article.

Specify the name of our website “Okinawa CLIP,” our front page (, and URL of the cited articles.
(*Note that URL of the articles on Okinawa CLIP might be deleted or changed without notice.)

3.Do NOT modify, rewrite, or delete contents.

It is important to cite the contents as the original contents. Please note that you will violate the law (Right to Maintain Integrity) by modifying or corrupting the contents without permission.
※Please contact Okinawa CLIP editorial team via e-mailfrom here in advance regarding citation. (Please contact us as well if you wish to link our website without citing any information.)
Be sure to follow the Term of Use (TOU) regarding rules and regulations on copyright and others.