Okinawa Tourism Information:EARTHHAMMOCKCAFE,whereyoucanfullyenjoytheskyandtheseaofOkinawa

EARTH HAMMOCK CAFE, where you can fully enjoy the sky and the sea of Okinawa

post : 2015.07.04 19:00

AEON Mall Okinawa Rycom is one of the largest shopping malls in Japan, which opened in Kitanakagusuku Village in April, 2015.  Among many shops, an earth-type fashion select shop, which features the first-ever ethnic fashion in Okinawa and sundries brand “Chaihane”, & hummock café opened.  The shop is called “Ametsuchi Terrace.”  The whole separate large building (shown in the above photo) of the shopping mall is used for the sundries shop & café.

The concept of “Ametsuchi Terrace” is FUN, FEEL, and THINK.  The shop is full of outdoor goods and organic goods, which bring us a grateful feeling for blessing of the earth and make us remind that we live between heaven and earth.

The café has beads cushions and provides rental book services.

When you go further in the sundries shop, you will find EARTH HAMMOCK CAFÉ, where you can enjoy drink or light meal while swinging on the hammock.  It is good to enjoy the calm atmosphere of the indoor café space, but I would recommend the terrace seats here.

In summer, tarps for protecting from strong sunshine are installed. 

At the terrace, there are a variety of hammocks including parachute material, mesh type, chair hammocks.  While you are putting yourself on the hammock, you are off-balance.  So please support yourself with your hand and put your bottom first slowly and carefully.  When you find your favorite hammock, please get on it. 

When you lie on the hammock, you will savor views of ocean along the western coast and very blue sky!  The café is located on a higher ground, so it is really comfortable when the wind blows.  After the sun went down, the light was up, and I saw a foreign visitor enjoy relaxed reading on the hammock.  The luxurious time went by slowly there.   

Clockwise from the left: salt-flavored, soft-served ice cream, brown sugar lemonade, iced chai, sugar cane sugar fluffy, glutinous doughnut

EARTH HAMMOCK CAFÉ has a one-order-per-person system.  After you order at the cashier, please enter the café space.  The café provides a variety of menu items, so if it is hard for you to choose one, I would recommend brown sugar lemonade, which is made using Okinawan brown sugar.  The drink is refreshing and has a clean finish, which is perfect for the hot summer in Okinawa.  Also salt-flavored, soft-served ice cream using salt from Kume-jima Island and sugar cane sugar fluffy, glutinous doughnut are popular among children.

How about the local beer, “Nihede Beer” for an adult like you?  Kume-jima salt-flavored popcorn, which is created with a collaboration of a hot air popcorn brand “Clap your hands”, is popular to eat with the beer.  Savoring beer while swinging on the hammock is such a perfect combination!

Bouncing on a trampoline is 100 yen per try.  You can voluntarily put 100 yen into the bird box. 

In addition to the big trampoline, you can find cups and balls, hula hoops, etc. in EARTH HAMMOCK CAFÉ.  Parents are happy as they can spend café time with their children without getting them bored.

Dyed works by Yogu are displayed in the shop. 

The sundries shop sell T-shirts made by a dyeing artist called yogu san, who lives in Okinawa.  The shop is going to deal in more and more products made in Okinawa.

Eat, drink, and Swing!  At EARTH HAMMOCK CAFÉ, please experience such a luxurious time relaxing on the hammock under the vast sky of Okinawa!

Ametsuchi Terrace EARTH HAMMOCK CAFE

Address: (Address: Block 4, Kitanakagusuku Awase land planning and consolidation business area, Kitanakagusuku, Nakagami District, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan)
AEON Mall Okinawa Rycom
TEL: 098-930-7850
Opening Hours: 10:00 to 22:00(Food: L.O21:00 Drink: L.O21:30)
Opens 365 Days A Year (but temporarily closed)
* In case of rain and typhoon, hammocks are removed, so hammock services are not available. 

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Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Akari Matsumura