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Joyful colors! Tropical Fruit Pancakes at “Parlor POKA POKA”

post : 2015.07.08 19:00

*The shop on this article has closed. 

The Kitanakagusuku area has many fancy café which were renovated from foreign residences.  At the halfway point on the slope overlooking the eastern coast, Parlor POKA POKA stands.

When I entered the shop, I saw a black board with full of menu items.  The shop owner, Mr. Kazunori Tani, has a commitment to use local ingredients or organic ingredients as much as possible.  As he wants to treasure the seasonal flavor, he uses different fruits and vegetables according to days.

The café offers three kinds of pancakes including dessert-inspired pancakes and pancakes serves as a main dish.  Among all the items, the best recommended one is “Tropical Fruit Pancake” topped with plenty of fruits unique to the southern land.♪

He starts making a dough and baking a pancake after getting an order, so you need to wait for a while.  Then, what comes to your table…

There are so much fruits and cream that you cannot see the pancake! (LOL)

When I ordered it for the first time, I was so surprised because I didn’t expect so much fruits on it!

More than 10 kinds of fruits including pineapple, mango, and passion fruit cover all over the pancake.  It is a popular menu item among foreign customers. 

And on top of that, this is a vegan menu.  It is made without using any ingredients from animal sources.

The glutinous, filling pancake is made from soy milk, and the spread under the fruits is surprisingly organic soy milk cream!  

Whipped cream using brown sugar and sugar cane sugar is like fluffy, smooth dairy cream.  Without being informed, you won’t notice it is soymilk cream.  Even after eating the whole one pancake, it doesn’t sit heavy on the stomach.

There are four kinds of smoothies.  The recommended one for this summer is “Green Smoothie.”

It is easy to drink because seasonal vegetables and fruits are blended together.  You feel the smoothness of between ice cream and shake. As no water and ice are used, umami (savory flavor) of the ingredients are condensed in the smoothie.  Colorful toppings also make you happy.

Another recommended menu item for summer is “Jar Salad Pasta.”  Short pasta mixed with house-made Genovese sauce are seasoned with the base of balsamic vinegar and topped with a talked-about jar salad. 

Every time you bite some of ingredients of about 10 kinds including tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, beans, it makes crispy sound and lively texture spreads in your mouth.  It is a cold pasta perfect for summer. 

In the café, retro sofas and tables are displayed, and you can savor the lush green trees over the window.  Time goes by slowly, and you might want to relax here as l long as possible.  This is also one of the charms on this café.

“I named the café “parlor” because I would like everybody to stop by casually,” said Tani San.

So if you feel like eating one of the best pancakes, or having a relaxing time during the drive, please stop by this place which has a slow atmosphere.  From the garden, you can enjoy the view of shining blue sea!


Address:1794-3 Toguchi, Kitanakagusuku Village, Nakagami County
TEL: 098‐979‐7338
Hours: 11:00 to 16:00 (L.O.)
Closed on Sundays

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Akiko Ono

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