Okinawa Tourism Information:“Beachhouse&CafeKeIki,”Anaccommodationwhereyoufeelrelaxedbyblueshiningocean.Onlytwocouplesaday!

“Beach house & Cafe Ke Iki,” An accommodation where you feel relaxed by blue shining ocean. Only two couples a day!

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Nakijin Village is located in the northern part of mainland Okinawa.  On the seaside, where you can see Kouri Island, a popular sightseeing spot, stands an accommodation available only for two couples a day “Beach house & Cafe Ke Iki”   

The accommodation which opened in 2003 changed the owners this summer and just got renovated.  However, a slow atmosphere of southern land still remains.  They provide a cottage of maisonette type & one-story type, which you can fully enjoy as a private space.

Mr. Toshikazu Soumura, the owner who also runs a hotel in Atami, spent three years in Okinawa when he was a high school student.  Even after leaving Okinawa, he has come back to Okinawa for many times.  He has been thinking if he could show his gratitude to Okinawa, which can be connected to his original starting point.   

When he was thinking if he could give hospitality to customers in an accommodation on the seaside in Nakijin Village, he was linked by fate to become the owner of “Beach house & Cafe Ke Iki.”

When you arrive at the cottage, please sit down on the chair in this place to savor the ocean view.  The emerald-colored sea beyond the lawn is an incredibly idyllic scenery of blue and green.  You will be enveloped in a relaxing, gentle time. 

To your right, you will see Kouri Island.  In summer, the sun rises beyond the island.  You will simply admire the myriad hues of blue in the beautiful sea.

Right next to the main building is a maisonette type of rooms.  Chairs are placed at the entrance, so it would be a blissful moment to spend time here.

Opening the door, you will find a bedroom on the first floor.  After the staircases, there is a living room with kitchen on the second floor.

Attracted by the dazzling blue, how can I describe a sense of openness when I went out to the veranda?  I am sure you will feel an impulse to drink some beer here!

Mr. Soumura said, “I would like many people to know that mainland Okinawa has such a lovely sea as this.  The ocean views around remote islands are fantastic, but also here, you can enjoy the breathtaking views found in the remote islands.”

He would like to show this amazing landscape not only repeated tourists to Okinawa but also the first-time visitors. 

Another room is located at the back of the main building.  Although it has no ocean views, it is comfortably designed to be connected to a bed room. 

A small garden has brightly-colored hibiscuses blooming. 

You will feel comforted by the greenery seen from the bathtub. 

In front of the accommodation, there is a natural white beach stretching out from Uppama Beach.  It would be nice for swimming as well as strolling.  At night, a sky with full of stars will spread out over your head.

The gentle sound of surf and ocean breeze can reach the accommodation.  This place where you can spend time while being relaxed by the nature has a great charm of having nothing around.  This is a special accommodation where you can just forget that time passes by and feel most at home while listening to birds chirping and insects. 

Beach house & Cafe Ke Iki

Address: 1064‐3 Unten, Nakijin Village, Kunigami County, Okinawa
TEL: 0980-56-4300
Price: 12,500 yen or more(with breakfast per person when 2 persons staying)
*Prices vary from season to season.
*The number of guests is from 1 to 3 persons. (Staying guests should be 10 years old or older.)
*The café is currently closed.

 Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Akiko Ono

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