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Aroma products by Arakaki Tile Factory

post : 2015.08.24 18:00

When you are exhausted from work and need to relax to change your mood or before the bed, I would like to thoroughly reccomend aroma products from Arakaki Tile Factory. 
That is aroma products made by red tiles which were used on the roof of olden Okinawan houses. A bit of incense and cute designs  will make you feel relaxed. 
Arakaki Tile Factory Group in Yonabaru town makes and sells aroma products called "KAVA" that were made by the same method as red tiles. Dropping a few drops of aroma oil on aroma stone, comforting scent of aroma oil will waft through the air. Red tiles are known to be absorbent and evaporative so they are very suitable as aroma stone. Flat lemmons , Hibiscus & Rose, there are two original aroma oils that remind you of Okinawa.
Once you put this aroma stick in an aroma bottle, it soaks up oil and diffuse incense.There are 5 types of sticks that shape as animal, hibiscus, and Shisa. Rabit, alpaca, and Shisa are popular ones. Just having them in the room will make you feel refreshed.
There are 7 colors like pastel-colored pink, light blue, and red tile color. It is fun choosing out of many color choice. 
The stone and the stick are made one by one. To make the stone, it takes 3 weeks to shape, dry, and bake. There are tiny patterns on the stone, so it is hard to make.
At first, Arakaki Tile Factory used to make only red tiles for roof, but to start something new, they created new products for a gift. Then, " Red Tile Coaster LACE" was born in 2013 which lead to making aroma stones. There is a rubber on the bottom so it will not damage tables. This absorbent coaster is suitable for cold drink too. Its cute design and feature makes this product popular not only among local  residents and tourists, but also among people from overseas.
After that, Arakaki Tile Factory continued to make new souveniers, and that's how KAVA, original aroma oils, were born and its scent reminds you of Okinawan nature and old Okinawan houses with red tile roof .
Both designs are elegant and they are perfect for a souvenir or gift! It was so cute so I bought a lace-designed coaster for my friend♪
Not just for gifts, it is perfect as a cute accessory in your home. No one else can make this unique and cute coaster. Come and find  Arakaki Tile Factory's products as a gift for friends or for yourself. 
Arakaki Tile Factory
Address:452-2 Ueyonabaru, Yonabaru-town, Okinawa
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays.
Okinawa CLIP Photowriter : Akari Matsumura