Okinawa Tourism Information:SummerOnly!ShavedIceSpecialtoOkinawaintheSeasideCaféwithStunningVista,“Kurage”

Summer Only! Shaved Ice Special to Okinawa in the Seaside Café with Stunning Vista, “Kurage”

post : 2015.09.11 21:00

In a 20-minute car ride down south from the northernmost sightseeing spots in mainland Okinawa, “Cape Hedo” and “Daiseki Rinzan,” you can find “Café Kurage“ standing along the coast.

The café, which commands a view of natural, white sand beach spreading just in front of, is located in an idyllic setting where you can enjoy gentle sound of the surf and sometimes yanbaru kuina (Okinawan rail) chirping. 

The building and the interior were designed and created by the owner and his staff.  There is an atmosphere that makes you feel as if the café were shown in a foreign film. 

Looking outside from the window, you will feel comforted by crystal clear absorbing-blue waters.  
As I love this relaxed atmosphere, I always stop by here every time I go to the northern part of mainland Okinawa. 

I would like to recommend you “Shaved Ice,” a summer only menu you enjoy while viewing such a lovely sea.  After shaving glittering ice, they pour a syrup special to Okinawa over the ice! 

My special recommendation is “Dragon Fruit Shaved Ice,” whose color is vivid to your eyes!

You might want to give an exciting “Wow!” to the happy color of the shaved ice served before you.  The syrup is house made using organic dragon fruit.  The shaved ice is topped with chopped dragon fruit, so you can enjoy a fun, popping texture in the cold ice. 

You can stop by here for a break from driving, or can enjoy the taste especially good after getting tired from playing in the sea in front of the café or the nearby river. 

This is a shaved ice with a syrup of tankan (Citrus tankan), a representative citrus of Okinawa.  Putting a spoonful of the shaved ice into your mouth, you will enjoy refreshing flavor and cool acidity running through your body. 

In addition to those, they also have a shaved ice with a flavor of shikuwasa (Okinawan lime).  At CAFÉ Kurage, you can enjoy those three different flavors, which are all special to Okinawa.  Every year they offer “Shaved Ice” only from the Golden Week to the end of September.

The café also provides meals such as “Taco Rice,” “Smoked Sandwich” using Okinawan pork, so the shaved ice is perfect for dessert!


After eating shaved ice of CAFÉ Kurage while gazing at wave lapping onto the shore, you will find your body and soul relaxed.

Why don’t you have a cool break in the back-country of Yanbaru, surrounded by the sea and the wood? 

CAFE Kurage

Address: 150‐1 Sosu, Kunigami Village, Kunigami County, Okinawa
TEL: 0980-50-4040
Hours: 11:00 to 18:00
Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Akiko Ono

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